Conventionally, each email address can be divided into two parts. To distinguish e-mail address from the address of the website, drawing attention to the writing of the character set. All email addresses have the @ symbol. The lack of this symbol suggests that the displayed address is not the e-mail.
To the left of the @ symbol is the username of the person you are sending the message. This name is responsible for identification of account on the mail server. Many people ask in this part a combination of Latin letters included in the name. Before entering ' carefully consider this sequence to avoid input errors.
After the @ sign is the server ID, which is email. Most often it is the name of the postal service on which registered the user's mailbox. For example, the address it says that the user account name uses the e-mail on the server that is one of the most common in the Russian Internet.
From enter the email address, it is not necessary to specify the sequence "www", as is done when accessing the online resource. Remember that the email address is not equivalent to the address of the website and therefore carry an indication of the "www." is not necessary if these characters themselves are not included in the username.
In the e-mail addresses are often used the characters ".", the "_" and "-". However, it should be remembered that the introduction of other characters is prohibited by most of the other servers and e-mail often consists only of a set of letters and numbers. Also do not use Cyrillic characters when specifying e-mail addresses.