There are many good free services to create mailboxes such as,,,,,, and many others. The algorithm for generating the email in these services about the same. In this article we will look at the creation of the electronic box on the example of Yandex.mail.
Open the front page of the famous search engine Yandex.<url>. Go to the "Mail" tab and click "create a mailbox".
Opens the registration window. Enter your name and surname with a capital letter, either real or aliases.
Responsible approach to the selection of a username if the name you can specify any, then the username must be unique and relevant rules – there can be only letters, numbers and characters _ and -.
Enter the appropriate login. If the system warns you that it is already in use, complete with letters and signs. The system will offer you several options of available usernames based on the fact that you entered initially.
Click "Next". A window will open with the second step of registration – here you need to choose a password. The password must be complex such that its not able to crack the attackers.
Use password is a random set of letters, numbers and symbols. Use the letters in a different register. Ready to record the password and put it in a safe place so as not to forget and not to lose.
Repeat the password and enter secret question for password recovery in case of loss, and the answer to the secret question. Make sure you just remember the answer.
Enter the verification code (captcha) and click register. Your mailbox is created – use them and send letters.