You will need
  • Internet
  • Browser
First of all you need to choose a mail server place of your future e-mail. Today there are many portals, providing email addresses, the most popular being,,,, You can choose a suitable portal which may already use like search engine or the main source of information, and configure there your mail.
If you have already decided on the future of the mail server, you go to the registration email address. The process of registering on any website about the same and offers the application and specify a security question, in case if you forget the password of your e-mail. Filling in the questionnaire should be approached responsibly, as if your email will get hacked, you will have to provide the Registrar with personal data. So if you decide to use a pseudonym or intentionally use fake data, you should store them in a safe place.
Completely filling the personal data, read the user agreement and by agreeing with him, save the page. After updating you will see a notification that your mail has been successfully created.