You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
Run your Inbox. In order to do this, you must know what service he served. The most popular today are,,,, Just pay attention to the name that is in your email addresse after the @ symbol ("dog").
Scroll down the page to login to your Inbox the field for entering the email address. Most likely, you will be offered a choice between two program options: "Register" and "Login". If you are already a registered user, you have the mailbox name and password, click "Login". In the first line enter a name for your mailbox, for example, In the second line, which is usually located below the first, enter your password. If all data are entered correctly, you will see a page with information about the number of incoming new messages, etc.
If you want to write email, or by logging in to your mailbox, select the option "Write a letter". The form is displayed, the top row will be "to" and "Subject." Enter the email address of the recipient in the first place. Your address when sending a letter anywhere else should not be written, and so it will be visible to the recipient.
By entering email address, ensure that the keyboard layout was always switched to English. Electronic addresse is not allowed spaces and characters of the Cyrillic alphabet. Please also observe the uppercase and lowercase character entry. Try not to make mistakes, so be careful.
Use the storage services addresss email your friends. Such options usually contain any e-mail. And not to enter each time an electronic address of the person you write a letter, type it once and choose the option "Address book" in which to add the given addressof the ATA.