For email registration, for example, on the website you need to go to the home page, in the right column, find the button "new Registration box" and click on it. A page will open where you must complete the basic fields: enter your name and surname, date of birth and gender. It is advisable to enter your real name, as they may need you to recover the password from the box when hacking. In any email system after you create your personal page you will be able to hide your details if you do not want your buddies to know you. Fill in information about your city do not have.
Next you must choose the name of your e-mail. For the official page will match your name and surname in English, but you can choose any name, which will be free. Apart from the name box you can choose the domain for your email. The website offers four: "", "", "", "".
At the moment you can also attach to your email your phone number. This will allow you to easily recover the password to your email if you forget it. If you already have a box that is tied to your phone number, you can put a tick in the box "I Have no mobile phone" and then the website will prompt you to choose a security question and remember the answer, so you always can restore access to email. When all fields are filled, you can click on the button "Register" and you will be taken to your personal page. Now all your friends can send you mail to this mailbox. At this point in the Inbox will have a few welcome and letters of instruction that will help you better understand the operation of the service.
An account created on the mail service also allows you to use other benefits of this service. For example, - a project "My world" on Yandex - project "Yandex-purse" to Gmail "Google+", Rumbler - "ICQ".