You will need
  • Computer with Internet access, software (web browser).
Registration Write in the address bar of your browser without quotes "". Press Enter. You will be taken to the site.
Click on the words on the left side in the blue box -"check in the mail".

Fill in the details about yourself. List the name, surname, date of birth, city, select your gender. In the "Inbox" name. To do this, create your own unique login and write it down in Latin letters. If this login is already someone busy, come up with another.

Create a password to your mailbox, and record it twice in the boxes. If You forget your password, via mobile phone You will be able to restore it. To do this, specify your phone number, and a few seconds You will receive an SMS with a confirmation code.

Click on the green button "register". You will see a window. Enter the confirmation code sent by SMS.

The registration is completed. On mobile phone will receive a second email congratulating You on the successful registration and informing about the possibilities of mobile access to the Inbox.

Registration Go to the website of Yandex. On the left side under mail click on the words "create a mailbox".

Complete the page "step 1 of 2" form, specifying your name,surname and login. Click "next".
On the page "step 2 of 2" write the password for your mailbox. Additionally, think secret question the answers to which You will be able to recover a forgotten password. Specify the mobile phone number and address of the other mailbox, if any.
Enter the characters from the image below, to make sure You're not a robot. Carefully read the terms and conditions of the User agreement and put a check mark next to them if You take them. Click "register".
The registration is completed successfully! On the next page, look on top of the mail tab, click on it and get in You just created mailbox.