Select tools free email. Among the most common at the moment: Mail, Rambler, Gmail, Yandex. Go to the website of the service. Scroll down the page to the words "Register with email", "to Have a mailbox, etc., press. As a rule, the inscription is under the fields "name" and "password" under "Mail". For example, on the website top left there is a blue rectangle "Mail".
Will open a registration form e-mail. Fill in all fields marked with a red asterisk. Come up with a name for their mailbox. Will have to show a little imagination, choosing a memorable, easy and not occupied by the title. Enter the name of the email in the "e-mail". It is very convenient to create a box with a phone number – cell or home. With the same name will not have problems to dictate emails on the phone. When you register for multiple services, you can choose different zones based on there are options:,, If you invented the mailbox name is already taken, check in other areas.
Choose a password for email. Don't make it simple, combine the password with the digits, lowercase and uppercase letters. Do not rely on memory, better write down the password somewhere. Fill in the remaining fields. Select a security question and enter the answer – it is necessary to recover the password if you lose it. Click "Register". After that, the mailbox will be created and you will be able to get to it by entering the name and password in the appropriate fields.
In "Settings" you can change some mail settings, for example, to set the header format, signatures. There you can choose the number shown on the letters page, put the start page. Many services also offer to regulate and expand the size of the mailbox. In the section "Address book" enter you addressand that you will send letters. So you don't need to re-enter email before sending emails.