Advice 1: How to create email-address

Today, emails are necessary for each person as a cell phone, computer or other modern devices. A wide variety of services, free e-mail allow you to quickly and simply create a box and have the email address.
How to create email-address
Select tools free email. Among the most common at the moment: Mail, Rambler, Gmail, Yandex. Go to the website of the service. Scroll down the page to the words "Register with email", "to Have a mailbox, etc., press. As a rule, the inscription is under the fields "name" and "password" under "Mail". For example, on the website top left there is a blue rectangle "Mail".
Will open a registration form e-mail. Fill in all fields marked with a red asterisk. Come up with a name for their mailbox. Will have to show a little imagination, choosing a memorable, easy and not occupied by the title. Enter the name of the email in the "e-mail". It is very convenient to create a box with a phone number – cell or home. With the same name will not have problems to dictate emails on the phone. When you register for multiple services, you can choose different zones based on there are options:,, If you invented the mailbox name is already taken, check in other areas.
Choose a password for email. Don't make it simple, combine the password with the digits, lowercase and uppercase letters. Do not rely on memory, better write down the password somewhere. Fill in the remaining fields. Select a security question and enter the answer – it is necessary to recover the password if you lose it. Click "Register". After that, the mailbox will be created and you will be able to get to it by entering the name and password in the appropriate fields.
In "Settings" you can change some mail settings, for example, to set the header format, signatures. There you can choose the number shown on the letters page, put the start page. Many services also offer to regulate and expand the size of the mailbox. In the section "Address book" enter you addressand that you will send letters. So you don't need to re-enter email before sending emails.
Useful advice
Choosing the email service, keep in mind its functionality, design and usability.

Advice 2 : How to create a new address

Email is a great way to address some of the issues. It allows you to send messages, carry out business correspondence and to be aware of all the events interesting to you sites. If for all these purposes one e-mail box a little, create another e-mail on any mail resource.
How to create a new address
You will need
  • - a personal computer with Internet access.
To register additional email address – is simple enough. First, decide for yourself what you will use the mail service: old or new. If you prefer the same email to create a new mailbox you will need to log out of your e-mail. To do this, look in the upper right pane, the button labeled "Exit" and click on the link.
Once on the main page search engine, the image of the mailbox under the strings "Username" and "Password" click on the word "Register" ("register" or "Register mail"). Then follow the wizard prompts.
As a rule, to register a new e-mail from the user will require the introduction of personal data. They include surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, place of residence (this item is optional), gender. You will then need to the appropriate line enter the address of the new mailbox. To create it you can use the proposed mail service options either enter your login. After that, the system will check whether there might be on the Internet the same address. If a similar username is found, you will be prompted to replace it.
The next step is entering the password. Try to specify complex code. It may consist of letters, numbers and special characters. The length of the code words to enter in the e-mail should be at least six characters. Ideal – 10-12 characters. Note: the more complex and tricky password, so it is reliable.
In the next line, duplicate this password.
Also, when registering e-mail box, you may be prompted to enter a security question and answer and specify the number of the current phone. Do not ignore and do not miss these items, as the information in the case of hacking a box or lose your password will help to restore access to email.
Then click "Register".
Useful advice
Not to forget your username and password to access e-mail, save them in a special document or a notebook.

To control the arrival of all e-mail will help connected in one of the boxes of the special collector. This service provides most postal services.

Advice 3 : How to register e-mail

Every Internet user sooner or later have to face the task of creating a new mailbox. The reason for this can be many: sending and receiving emails, small files, registration on websites and forums etc. the Task is not too difficult even for a beginner and takes about 10 minutes.
Check the e-mail on
Check the mailbox occurs at specialized services, which in most cases offer this service completely free of charge. In order to properly register the e-mail first we need to define the very purpose of creation of the electronic mail. If you need to register on a foreign site or the service, it is best to use But in most cases users prefer to do domestic mail services, among which the most popular are:, and
The procedure of registration always happens the same scenario, and learn how to properly record e-mail, you will be able to easily create new mailboxes in the future. It does not matter which service that you'll use as check e-mail almost on all sites the same.


In this service registration starts from clicking on the link "create a mailbox". After you follow this link you will be asked to fill out a short form. In order to properly register the e-mail must provide their real name and surname – this will help in the future to regain access to your mail, if you for example forget your password. Also you will need to come up with a unique login, which, subsequently, is the "name" of your e-mail.

Security mailbox.

Special attention should be paid to the safety of your mail. In order to properly register the e-mail and keep your communications secret from the rest is to create a strong password and in any case no it does not say. If you yourself have forgotten your email password, you can change it by restoring access to the e-mail. It is for this purpose when you register you will be asked to come up with or choose a "security question" and answer. It is highly recommended not to indicate there is readily available information, as even with a very complex password, the attackers can change it, choosing the answer to your security question.
In addition, you can link your Inbox to your mobile phone. This procedure will greatly protect your e-mail, but is not mandatory, so if you want you can leave the field with a mobile phone number is empty.
To complete registration you must correctly enter the characters of the verification code, or "captcha" in the box and click "Register". On this e-mail ends, you will be directed inside the newly created mailbox and immediately be able to use it.
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