Check the mailbox occurs at specialized services, which in most cases offer this service completely free of charge. In order to properly register the e-mail first we need to define the very purpose of creation of the electronic mail. If you need to register on a foreign site or the service, it is best to use But in most cases users prefer to do domestic mail services, among which the most popular are:, and
The procedure of registration always happens the same scenario, and learn how to properly record e-mail, you will be able to easily create new mailboxes in the future. It does not matter which service that you'll use as check e-mail almost on all sites the same.


In this service registration starts from clicking on the link "create a mailbox". After you follow this link you will be asked to fill out a short form. In order to properly register the e-mail must provide their real name and surname – this will help in the future to regain access to your mail, if you for example forget your password. Also you will need to come up with a unique login, which, subsequently, is the "name" of your e-mail.

Security mailbox.

Special attention should be paid to the safety of your mail. In order to properly register the e-mail and keep your communications secret from the rest is to create a strong password and in any case no it does not say. If you yourself have forgotten your email password, you can change it by restoring access to the e-mail. It is for this purpose when you register you will be asked to come up with or choose a "security question" and answer. It is highly recommended not to indicate there is readily available information, as even with a very complex password, the attackers can change it, choosing the answer to your security question.
In addition, you can link your Inbox to your mobile phone. This procedure will greatly protect your e-mail, but is not mandatory, so if you want you can leave the field with a mobile phone number is empty.
To complete registration you must correctly enter the characters of the verification code, or "captcha" in the box and click "Register". On this e-mail ends, you will be directed inside the newly created mailbox and immediately be able to use it.