You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • mobile phone;
  • - money.
Buy lottery ticket lottery "Russian Lotto" in any branch of communication of all branches of FSUE "Mail of Russia". View ' the most convenient post offices on the state website email -
Buy a lottery ticket partner of "Russian Lotto" - one of the newsagents owned by the Agency for retail sales of printed products "Rospechat".
Buy a ticket "Russian Lotto" shops "mobile Element".
Purchase tickets national lottery kiosk in the terminal. 'Kiosks in all regions of the country are listed on the official website of the lottery "Russian Lotto" - Basically the terminals are located in shopping malls and grocery stores.
Buy tickets national lottery through online on the official website of "Russian Lotto". So you will get the opportunity to track the results of lottery draws and having registered in the project, to get money into your account immediately after the next draw. Service "Russian Lotto online" allows you to select the tickets of the state lottery according to certain parameters and criteria you specify, that will not work when applying to kiosks with terminals.
Purchase a virtual ticket, betting via SMS messages. You need to send a message to short number 7777. The text of the SMS depends on the type of game "Russian Lotto" (so, the "StateLotto 5 from 36" involves text 536 and "Top 3Точно 1" - Top 3 T1–, etc.; the list can be found at the official website of "Russian Lotto"). In response you will receive confirmation of payment. After confirmation, you can make combinations of numbers or select start automatically.