You will need
  • computer;
  • -Foxit Reader;
  • -2 PDF-file.
In contrast to the popular Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader is a free reader of PDF files. In addition, Foxit Reader, convenient for viewing and editing large documents. Download Foxit Reader from the official site, link given in the Resources section.
Install Foxit Reader and run it. Select menu "File" in the task pane, click on the tab "Open". Alternately, select two (or more) of the file. They will open in different tabs.
Create a new PDF document. To do this, select the Create tab from the menu "File". Further alternately, copy the existing filesusing the menu "edit" (Edit), and click "copy to clipboard". Then return to create a new document, click "Edit", "Paste from clipboard".
Give the document a uniform style. The font, header and footer (bottom and top margins), margins, italics - all these and many other features of typography, the new document should be the same. To do this, select all the text in the entire document, click the icon "blue letter T" on the toolbar. Then you can change to taste the font size, headset. To change the fields, click the "View" task pane, select "Indentation".
Save single PDF-file. Service hit Ctrl + S (or select Save As from the File menu). Set the created document name. You can immediately send the PDF file in the Internet: use the option "Fast publish".