To register on the website Dating need a good quality photo. This should take care in advance. Unable to take pictures of friends, and even better, if the survey will have a professional photographer. In the picture look natural. Not worth much to embellish appearance. Otherwise, when meeting in real life, there is a risk to be covered.
Registration on most sites takes place in two stages. The first - filling of the personal data and contact information. The questionnaire must specify the name or nickname (nickname virtual). Age - it can be a little FIB. Putting the number of years less than it actually is, a chance to meet many interesting people. If you're able to find on the website real friends, age will become irrelevant. Physical data - height, weight, color of eyes and hair - are recorded in the questionnaire as desired.
Will upload the best photos. Accounts with pictures are viewed much more often.
Very carefully take the fields "interests" or "Hobbies". So there will be more chances to meet people with similar interests and a similar lifestyle.
Filling login and password. Make sure you have a complex code, otherwise the page will be easy to crack. If this happens, the hidden data will be published, and account attackers will be able to send emails for viruses.
When you completed all of the personal column, enter a valid email address. It need to confirm your registration on the website.
The second stage is the confirmation of your account. To do this, go to the link sent to the e-mail from a Dating site.
After confirming the account on the e-mail will receive another e-mail about the successful registration. Now you can send messages to other users of the Dating site, to chat, to play virtual games.