You will need
  • - computer or laptop; - Internet access; - browser.
Connect the Internet, start the Internet browser you use. Then in the search set the "Classmates" and click the first link. And you can do it even easier. To do this, enter in the browser address to go to the main page of the site.
In the next window, click on the green button "Register". Now complete the steps for profile creation steps. In each row enter your name and surname. For the second account in these graphs can provide both real data and fictional, depending on what you intended by creating a new page. But note that in this case, your friends and colleagues are unlikely to find you on the website.
So, with the name undecided. Now enter your date of birth by selecting the desired settings in each pop-up window. Later you can define which users will see the information about your birthday.
Then mark your gender: female or male. Specify the country of residence. By default, this is Russia, but if you want you can change the region one press on the button with the triangle icon, then in the drop down box select the desired country.
In the column "City" enter your city. You can also choose from the drop down when you press the corresponding button of the window.
Then you will need to enter your e-mail address or username with which you login at your page in the "Classmates".
In the next column write the password. They can be any combination of letters or numbers that only you know. Try not to use a password of their own name or a last name, never make a password as the user on login. Remember: the username and password cannot be the same.
Check again the correctness of all the information, then click the button that says "Register" and go to your new page. Your registration is completed. Complete your profile and begin communication.