To make a video call, first connect a service from the operator (if available). Then enter the contact number (the phone also needs to support this service, and it should be connected). But the button send don't press call. Instead, press the left soft key, which at this point will be called "Functions". Select the menu item called "video call" or similar (it depends on phone model). Talking, point the front camera at yourself - it turns on automatically. If the person will do the same, you'll see it on the screen. Since to hold the phone in the video call up to your ear makes no sense (you can not use neither the screen nor the camera), you will have to turn on the speakerphone or connect a headset.
If you wish to reduce the cost of the video, put it on the phone, Skype (if available for your model machine, but not installed on it). Correctly set up the access point (APN): the name should begin with the word internet, but in any case not wap. Register on Skype and will receive a username and password. Running the program, enter them. Add to contacts Nicky interlocutors. Select one of them and call him. The front camera will turn on automatically, as in the previous case.
To make the front camera self-portrait, first on your phone, open the Camera app. In some machines it needs a long time to hold the shutter button, in others it is enough just to press (unlocked keypad), in the third - to find the appropriate item in the menu (e.g. "Attachments", "Camera"). Immediately after this, the screen will display the picture, remove the main (rear) camera of your phone. To turn instead of the front, press the left soft key, then select "Second camera" (it may be referred to under another). Aim the camera at yourself under the desired angle and the desired distance, then take the picture by pressing the shutter (in some phones it should slightly press and push until it stops, and sometimes - hold for about a second). Making a self-portrait, then don't forget to switch back by selecting the menu item "camera".