You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • Skype;
  • - ArcSoft WebCam Companion.
Visit the website Click the "Support" tab and fill in the "get started". Enter the exact model name of your mobile computer. Now click "Find support" and wait for the list of available drivers and instructions.
Boot set drivers for web-Cam or universal total package for the selected laptop model. Install the downloaded application. If after completing this procedure, the web-camera does not work, click the "device Manager".
Just right click the camera icon and select "Properties". Open the Drivers tab, selecting the appropriate item. Click "Update". Navigate to the directory in which you saved the downloaded website files.
Select the program to control the video capture device. For laptops Sony ideal utility ArcSoft WebCam Companion. Install the specified program.
Restart the mobile computer and launch the installed application. The error message that webcam not detected, manually activate the device.
To do this, hold the Fn button on the laptop keyboard. Now press the button which is drawn the icon of a web camera. Usually it is located in a row of F1-F12. Re-run the utility ArcSoft WebCam Companion and then test the camera.
If you are using an external webcamera together with laptop Sony, install the drivers necessary for the correct operation of the device capturing the image. To do this, visit the website of the developers of the camera.
Now install the Skype messenger. This program supports the absolute majority of web-cameras. Check operation of the unit. Make fine adjustment of camera settings. To do this, click "Settings" and select "video Settings".