Advice 1: How to enable front camera

Front cameras equipped with a tablet or smartphone. It is designed for video, but if necessary, for example, if you fail the main camera can be applied for the photographs.
How to enable front camera
If the network operator services video first subscribe to this service if it is not connected at the time of conclusion of the contract automatically and then dialing the subscriber's number, which also has a phone with a front camera and connected the service, instead of the key to the call, press the left soft key. In the menu that appears, select videovisor (its exact name depends on your model). The person you are calling will hear normal ringing signal, but after connecting your phone and the device of the interlocutor will turn on the front camera and you will see on the screens of each other. Usually video calls are charged the same as usual, but if you are not sure about it, contact the service support operator. Roaming may additionally be charged data transfer.
When outside romnia and when properly configured the access point (APN) advantageous to use a communication program for the IP telephony, such as Skype. Support video calls online when it is optional. The source can be anywhere in the world, but it was also connected to the home network. Order of the operator service unlimited access to the Internet, install the program for IP-telephony that is appropriate to your phone, then make sure that the other person has a compatible program and also purchase a unlimited data transfer. Sign up in the service of IP telephony, if you do not already have one, then make a video call through the program. In this case, the front camera of your phone will also automatically enabled.
To use the front camera for photography recommended in two cases: in case of failure of the main camera, and when shooting self-portrait. Turn the phone camera mode, and then in the menu this function select the front camera (the exact name of the menu item depends on phone model). After photographing is completed, remember to re-select the main camera. Note that the front camera resolution is much smaller than the main, and the flash is missing, so do not use it for photography without the need.

Advice 2: How to enable the built-in camera

All modern laptops are webcam. Usually this device is built into the top cover of the laptop, and the eye of the web camera looking at the user pane right above the screen. By default, the web camera is enabled and it can be used at any time. If you have any need to turn on webcamera, this can be done in several ways.
How to enable the built-in camera
You will need
  • computer;
  • driver.
Check whether the webcam in "device Manager". Start "device Manager" (right click the mouse on the icon "My computer" and selecting "Properties". In the list of devices, look for imaging devices. If such a device is present, use it via the "Devices and printers".
Open "Device and printers". You can find it in "start menu" under "control Panel". Just right click the camera icon and select "Get picture" (to take pictures). Make photo can also be through Skype.
If webcam is not present in "device Manager", or is present but with an exclamation mark, it means that the device is not installed the appropriate drivers. Hold the disc with drivers and utilities from your laptop and install the driver. Also in this issue can help Windows automatic update.
Check whether the webcam in the BIOS of the motherboard. When you turn on the laptop press F2 (may be Del, Esc or another button depending on model). Examine all the items the BIOS and find the one that corresponds to the Internal Camera or Onboard Camera. Set this parameter to Enable. Download the operating system and install the drivers for the webcam.
In some laptops, the webcamera can be switched off directly on the body using a special button. Make sure the button is not there or she is in ON position. If all these points are met, and the device still does not work, contact the service center. If you still have warranty on the computer, you can easily carry in service center and you have free will eliminate this problem. In General we can say that to enable the built-in camera on your computer quite simply.
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