Advice 1: How to get retirement savings

The formation of pension savings or cumulative part of the pension at the expense of payment of insurance payments by the employer to the pension Fund of the Russian Federation or other private pension funds. Fees are payable for each employee in the amount of 6% of his salary. Pension savings are paid out together with the main part of the song. If man did not live to retirement age, to receive his pension savings can successor.
How to get retirement savings
You will need
  • a document on death of the person with pension savings
  • the account to be retirement savings
Check the possibility of obtaining pension savings. First of all, successors to the ownership of pension savings, mi recognized by children and spouses and parents of the deceased (regardless of their disability, age and status). If such is not found, then the successors are considered brothers and sisters, grandparents or grandchildren. All of the above persons are the successors in the case that the deceased could not survive until the designated retirement age and regularly replenish your ILS relevant contributions. The second case of inheritance of the pension is the death of the insured until the moment of recalculation of the size of the cumulative amount of the pension inclusive of all other additional pension savings.
Prepare documents about the death of the insured having individual personal account (ILS) in the RF pension Fund or another pension Fund. These documents include the death Certificate and social security number (green laminate pension insurance certificate indicating the ILS). Pre-need to make photocopies of documents. Photocopies are recommended to notarize.
Contact the territorial Department of the pension Fund of the Russian Federation or in representation of non-governmental pension Fund with the purpose of writing the Declaration of succession of pension savings. If the representation of the pension Fund in the city, send the application with all documents in electronic form or by Fax. However, this statement should hurry, because the right of inheritance of the cumulative part of the pension is distributed to the heirs within six months from the day when the insured died.
Will receive a notification from the PF. After the decision on the confirmation of rights to cumulative part of the pension, the pension Fund will notify the heir. The latter shall specify the account to which will be transferred the whole amount of pension savings of the deceased.

Advice 2 : How to take retirement savings

Until recently, the only way to get their retirement savings was a monthly payment of a pension upon reaching the appropriate age. But since 2002, there are new opportunities in which people can receive part of their pension as a lump sum.
How to take retirement savings
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - pension certificate.
Find out if you are eligible for a lump sum payment of the pension. The opportunity to receive two categories of citizens. First, it is those who have funded part of the pension, but who have no sufficient seniority to receive a pension of labor. The person should reach the official retirement age. It can receive other social benefits, for example invalidity pension or survivor benefits. Secondly, get all of the cumulative part of the pension can those who have it is less than five percent of the total pension payments from the state. It is mostly those people who were born before 1967, employers paid contributions to the funded part of pension only up to 2005.
Gather the necessary documents. These include the passport and pension certificate.
Contact the organization that is currently your pension. This may be the local branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (PF the Russian Federation) or non-state pension Fund (NPF), if you transferred your savings there. There you will need to write a statement for a one-time payment of funds, which will be considered. With his approval the money will be transferred into your Bank account in the timeframe that you specify. If you don't remember what the NPF can find your funds learn this from the letter of the RF pension Fund, which comes annually to any person engaged in labor activity on the territory of Russia. It will show the amount of your pension savings, as well as the way you decide to dispose of them, that is the name of the management company or NPF.
A lump sum paid to or inherited can be only funded part of the pension, which was formed from men born in 1952 and younger or women 1957 and later years of birth.
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Lump sum funded part of the pension to be paid and upon the death of a person his heirs, but only if the deceased has not yet begun to receive pension payments.
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