You will need
  • - a document proving your identity
  • - certificate of testator's death
  • - a certificate of inheritance
Accumulated during the entire working life of man to an individual retirement account amount of money belongs to the individual and cannot be transferred to pensions as other citizens. In the event of the death of your family member's heir who you are, its part of funded pensions is included in the succession mass. However, it should be noted that the cumulative part of the pension accrue only to citizens 1967 year of birth and younger.
If your ancestor did not live to retirement age and have not received pensions or one month, you can get all of them accumulated amount invested in any investment Fund. For this post within the statutory six-month period, the notary public statement of acceptance of inheritance. After its opening will receive a notarial certificate of inheritance for the deceased citizen.
With the received certificate and the document proving your identity, please contact the district office of the Pension Fund at the address where lived your testator. Write a statement on the payment of the funded part of pension of the deceased person.
The statement include your full passport data base you receive part of the pension is the open inheritance. And also give full details on your deceased family member and your Bank account details for transfer of the monetary amount. Attach a statement obtained from the notary certificate of inheritance and the death certificate of the testator.
After the prescribed period, but not earlier than 6 months from the date of death of the citizen, you, as heir, will be paid out of the funded part of his pension.