You will need
  • car Lada Priora
  • - the user manual for the car
  • - training and working keys
The car is Lada Priora the immobilizer is read directly from the key. You can activate it yourself. Before the procedure, fill about 10 gallons of gasoline. This must be done in order not to get lost in the sound signals of the vehicle.
Close all vehicle doors. Training key to turn the ignition on. Wait for 6 seconds. Switch off the ignition. Indicator of the correctness of the performed action: fast flashing lamp (not less than 5 times per second). Get training key.
Immediately insert a working key into the lock and turn the ignition on. On this you have about 6 seconds before the lamp has stopped blinking. Should sound three beeps. With the ignition on, wait for two signals, then turn off the ignition.
For 6 seconds, remove the key from the ignition and reinsert the training to include them in the ignition. When switching on you should hear three beeps. Without turning off the ignition, wait for two beeps (about 6 seconds).
Turning off the ignition, remove the key from the lock. Wait for a single signal. Lamp should blink twice as fast. At this point, again turn the ignition on the same key. Wait 2-3 seconds. Switch off the ignition. A maximum of five seconds you will hear three beeps, stops flashing the light. Switch on the ignition for at least another ten seconds.
You may need to perform a resynchronization of the immobilizer, because the controller may not allow to start the engine. To do this, turn on the ignition key work, wait 6 seconds. In the case of flashing light 1 times per second (the error condition), for 10 seconds, turn the ignition off. After re – enable, the light should not blink.
If three seconds after the ignition key working light is lit, then it is necessary to carry out the procedure from the beginning.