Included a new car should be two keys that are suitable to the ignition switch, red (training), and black with buttons (working).
Well, if you pay attention to the availability of both keys when buying a car. It is no secret that some car dealers working key issued only to a complete set of "Luxury" Lada Kalina. Necessarily required to provide you with a working key, otherwise you will not be able to activate the immobilizer, and when the possible problems with the standard alarm system will not able to help themselves.
So, pick up Desk (black) and the training (red) keys from your car.
Sit in the car, close the door. Insert the learning key into the ignition and turn the key to the far right. You will hear three beeps. Get training key.
Now you need to quickly (within 5-6 seconds) to insert into the ignition switch black working key and turn it all the way into the castle. If you did everything on time, you will hear three beeps, but after a certain period of time, still two beeps.
Then within 5-6 seconds you will again need to turn on the ignition the red learning key. Again wait for three beeps and then two beeps.
If all goes well, then turn the ignition off. Please note - the key is to stay in the castle. Wait for a single beep.
Within a short period of time (not more than 6 seconds) re-ignition on and count to five. Always wait for a single beep.
If done right, you will see how the indicator flashes the hazard warning light system. Switch off the ignition. Leave the key in the lock until, until you turn off the indicator with the image of the machine on the control panel. Now you can use it on your car - it is securely protected from theft.