Make a list of words associated with the holiday. Close your eyes and imagine the right atmosphere: brightness, glitter, fireworks, cake, flying, freedom, dream, joy, smiles, jokes, ribbon, etc.
Sort the list according to importance. First write the most exciting.
Leave the list of the first seven words, the rest remove.
Write each word on a separate card.
Lay the cards on the floor so they were at the greatest possible distance from each other. If the room is small, some can be put on chairs, armchairs and sofas.
Step on the first card. For example, it says the word "Shine". Tell us why the word is associated with the holiday. Describe emotions, an apt setting. Use the recorder to not lose a single thought. Say as long as you do not Express all the ideas.
Repeat step six for the rest of the cards.
On the back of each card write a brief synopsis of key ideas recorded on a dictaphone.
Use the prepared materials to generate possible names for the Agency.
If you have like-minded friends, colleagues or relatives who can help, ask them to complete the first nine steps. Let them do it regardless of your opinion not to meddle in the process and nothing tells.
Brainstorm where everyone will speak in favor of the best names that he did. You will have plenty of options to make a final decision.