You will need
  • The Program Punto Switcher.
Find Punto Switcher icon in the lower right corner of the desktop. Depending on program settings, it will look either like a flag or as a symbol of the current language is EN or En.
Right-click on this icon to invoke the drop-down list. Select Auto, and click the left button of remove it from the mark. The color of the app icons will turn grey and the program will not automatically switch between layouts. The same action can be done another way — click on the icon and in a short drop-down list, select the same item — Auto. Finally, you can just go out of the Switcher — this drop-down list that appears after clicking the icon, right click, select Exit, and click on it.
To run the program again using the shortcut, include the possibility of rollover should with repeated clicking on the same menu item.
Sometimes, the application icon is not displayed. In this case:
-Use Alt, Ctrl and Del to call instead of the desktop menu lock your computer. Select "task Manager" and click on it.
-Click on the tab "Processes", which will be located in the operating window "task Manager".
-Look in the process tab ps.exe. Right-click on it to open the context menu and select End process.
Is the last action you can also select the process by clicking with the left button, and click on "End process" located at the right corner bottom part of the window Manager. The app will be disabled.
In some cases, you will need to press "End process" several times until the work Punto Switcher is not completed, and his name will not disappear from the process list.