Advice 1: How to sanctify the apartment with Holy water

Orthodox Christians the rite of consecration of the dwelling is considered to be one of the mandatory. It symbolizes the belonging to the Church, to God's blessing for protection from evil forces. Most often sanctify the house after moving it and after the repair. The priest or friends members can strongly advise to consecrate an apartment, if it lives, seriously ill people, family on the brink of divorce, young children.
The icon and oil lamp in front of it should be in every home during his consecration
You will need
  • - Holy water
  • - new bowl
  • - The Bible
  • icon
  • - lamp
The Orthodox Church maintains the conviction that the lighting of the home must deal with the priest. If possible, invite from the temple priest. Typically, this rite of the Holy fathers come with their incense, oil, candles and Holy water. However, just in case, better to visit the priest and to stock up on candles and Holy water on their own. Candles always can be purchased in the Church shop. Blessing of the waters takes place every year at the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Dial it from any street water source, most often from the hole. As a rule, the stocks of the baptismal water is in the house most of the churched people, you can contact them.
If you are not able to invite to the ceremony the priest, the Church admits that a layman can carry out the consecration on your own. Before that, it is advisable to take a blessing from your spiritual mentor or, if you do not, the priest in the temple. On the eve of the consecration of the home, preferably on Saturday, make the house a General cleaning, wash all floors, ventilate the room. If in a large room in the red corner (opposite of the entrance) you have not the icon with the lamp, put it, at least for a day.
The rite of consecration is best done on a Sunday. Dial Holy water in a clean, desirable - new - a bowl, dip in her three fingers, folded pinch, like you are going to cross. Then start to spray the room, from the red corner with the icon and proceeding clockwise. Sanctify the dwelling with a prayer: "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, by the sprinkling of Holy water causing the flight to turn every evil demonic action, Amen." If you recite Psalm 90 or extracts from it, can read them.
If you are expecting a priest, be aware that it may negatively perceive the presence of your home TV. Especially if he stands in the corner of your living room, where should be placed the iconostasis.
Useful advice
To sanctify the water and at the prayer service in the temple. Find out in advance in the Church, when there will be a small blessing of the water.

Advice 2: How to consecrate water at home

Since ancient times, Holy water was considered a panacea from all misfortunes. No wonder is still very popular is the ice swimming in Epiphany. After all, the river Jordan in which Jesus Christ received the baptism, drowned all the sins of mankind. In history there are cases of complete healing with Holy water. In addition, it is often used for the consecration of apartments. Basically, believers are trying to collect waterthat was blessed during the blessing. It is produced twice a year: on the eve of the Theophany, i.e. January 18-19. However, it is possible to order and special prayer during which the priest can also bless the water, usually, this action called "small blessing of water". But those who for some reasons can't get to Church, can sanctify the waterfrom the comfort of home.
How to consecrate water at home
You will need
  • In order to sanctify the water at home, you will need three-liter jar of water, and unconditional faith.
Fill three-liter capacity with ordinary water from the tap and give her a bit to settle.
Then read over it Prednazanacheny prayer. An example of this can be a morning prayer: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, prayers for the sake of Thy most pure mother and all the saints, have mercy on us. Amen.
Glory to Thee, our God, glory to You."
In conclusion, three times crossed a jar of water.
Then say a special prayer for the blessing of water. Its text is reproduced below:
"God velikolepniy, who wonders whom innumerable! Come to prayer Thy servant, o Lord: eat Your Spirit Sweet and sanctify the water right, and grant it the grace redemption and the blessing iordanova: make u a source of incorruption, a gift of sanctification, sin, resolution, ailments healing, demon destruction, the opposing forces nepristupny, Angelic fortress ispolneno: for all pokerpayday u and accept from her the have on the purification of the soul and of the body, healing the harm in the change o thou who wast, for the remission of sins, othmane me from all evil, for sprinkling and sanctification of homes and all sorts of benefits will podobno. And Elika, but that Domeh, or Orthodox living and this water will be sprinkled, Yes uymetsya every uncleanness, deliver us harm below tamo Yes cometh the spirit disastrous, below the air harmful, but will coordinate every dream and libel crushage of the enemy, and if something is there, hedgehog, or health living will envy, or peace, and this sprinkling of water will be reflected. Thou Yes blagoslovite and glory righteous and velikolepie Thy name, of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen."
How could you not believe in the action of the Holy water, to neglect modern medicine is still not worth it. Be sure to combine modern methods of treatment with Holy water. Thus, the effect will not keep itself waiting long.
Useful advice
If you want to heal with Holy water, then take it in three SIPS every morning and evening on an empty stomach. Usually Holy water must be combined with host, however, you can drink it after a special prayer, in this case, the action of the Holy water will be just as strong.

Advice 3: How to consecrate an apartment of Epiphany water

Initially God created the world pure and perfect. However, after the fall everything changed. The man himself distorted model of being. And now no one thing created by human hands, is not to say that it is good. That though as-that to correct this situation, put a piece of the spiritual in the material, Orthodox Christians try to sanctify important things for them.
How to consecrate an apartment of Epiphany water
It is important to remember that the rite of consecration of any thing not the main thing. Basic thoughts are born in the mind of man. Without clean thoughts the carrying out of this Ordinance becomes meaningless.
Especially appreciated among the Orthodox sanctification of wateraccumulated in the feast of the Epiphany. It is believed that she is able to banish evil spirits, purify from evil, to bring home a calm.
The first time the apartment needs only to sanctify the priest. Only then, if necessary, the host can perform the sacrament himself.
Before the arrival of the priest is pure clean the room, turn off loud music and TV. Free table in one of the rooms and cover it with a tablecloth. There the priest will put the attributes for the rite. If the apartment is still no icons, they definitely need to hang. Attached shrines in the "red corner", next to a window that faces East.
Explain to all the people that sacrament. If someone opposes the consecration, let him leave the premises. The others must free their heads from sinful thoughts and prayers. Ask people to refer to this procedure as something very important and valuable for themselves and others.
The priest pours into the chalice a little Holy water. Moving around the room and praying, he will sprinkle water on the corners and walls. Walk behind the priest to the whole family not necessarily. Designate a chaperone and let the rest sit quietly in one of the rooms.
If the apartment has already been consecrated priest, the host can repeat the ritual on their own. It is not only his right but also the duty, of this Holy Church. For this purpose, suitable water, consecrated in the temple. Tassel from beads, or a handful, crosswise, sprinkle the walls of the apartment. While reading the prayer "the grace of the Holy spirit" and "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost."
After the apartment was consecrated, there's no Smoking, swearing and commit other not pleasing to God acts. Otherwise, the Ordinance will have to make again and again.

Advice 4: How to bless the house with Holy water

In Orthodox Christianity there is the ritual consecration of their homes, during which the house and the people living in it is called the blessing of the Lord. It is believed that this weakens the power of evil spirits and peace in the home depends only from the living.
How to bless the house with Holy water
You will need
  • icon;
  • - Holy water;
  • - amulet;
  • - new Cup.
According to Orthodox traditions to sanctify the dwelling needs a priest. To come to the temple and talk to any priest or by the priest about the possibility of making this rite. This has never been denied, but the time and day of pick up so that was convenient to both parties. During the conversation, also ask what is needed from your side for the consecration of the house, and what will be the amount of donations in the form of gratitude. But even if you have no money, I can not refuse. The size of the donation for the ceremony is usually determined only by your desire and possibilities.
Buy the Church candles, the icon of the Savior, if you have not, and special stickers with the crosses that my father put up on the walls. Usually that's all a priest brings with it, but just in case, and you'd better stock up on them.
Get in the house before the ceremony. Your home should be clean and bright, both literally and figuratively – do not swear on this day and not keep in mind the bad thoughts. If the apartment is placed Souvenirs or figurines from other countries, for example, Turkish eyes, the signs of the zodiac or the figure of the Buddha, remove them too.
Put in the room a small table and cover it with a clean white cloth. Perhaps he will need a priest to put on his clothes for the ceremony.
During the consecration are near a priest. If you know read them a prayer, chant along with him. After the ceremony, thank the priest and, if possible, give a donation to the Church.
When there is no possibility to invite the priest, sanctify the house with Holy water themselves. In any case it will be pleasing to God, but consecrated representative of the Church is no substitute.
Prepare the house to sanctification as described above, and then place the icon of the Savior or the virgin in the corner opposite the door (the red corner). Put it under the lamp. Pour the blessed water into a new clean container, dip it troeperstie right hand and sprinkle the corners of the house, avoiding them clockwise starting from the red corner. During the consecration spell: "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, by the sprinkling of Holy water causing the flight to turn every evil demonic action, Amen." After that, leave the room burning oil lamp until the evening.

Advice 5: How is the sanctification of the apartment

The Orthodox faith allows us to sanctify all that is necessary for human life, including his home. Sanctification is the Church ceremony, after which, the person, his home and his business comes from the grace of God.
How is the sanctification of the apartment
According to Christian faith, every person, every animal, every country, city, village, or house, have their guardian angels. But not always they can cope with the dark forces. And if a person can ask God for protection in prayer, for the welfare and protection of the state or of the village pray to parishioners, the housing needs to sanctify, to expel from it the messengers of evil. During the consecration the priest raises to God a prayer about the cleansing of the room, sprinkles it with Holy water and smudge with incense.

In the modern world, where the air - a concept sacred to Orthodox Christianity, filled radio and telefonami that convey a lot of negativity, sanctify the house just to. It is considered as true adherents of the faith. After the ceremony an evil spirit is difficult to resist the grace of God and to administer his evil deeds. And those who do not believe in God, noted that after the consecration of the apartment life was getting better, retreated adversity and setbacks, with unruly and difficult children to establish contact, and those suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction managed to overcome his craving for them.

How does the consecration of the housing

The rite of consecration of a house or apartment is on the so-called special rank. The word "sanctification" in this case is somewhat different, and the prayer that is read during the ceremony, often uses the word "blessing."

During the beginning of the rite of consecration of the apartment the priest reads the so-called initial prayer. The owners of the house at this time he recommends to ask God's blessing for themselves, their families and their home. Then read the ninetieth Psalm, which is considered the most powerful weapon against the devil and his minions.

Then comes the turn of the reading of the Troparion, lighting unctuous oil, which is applied on the wall is a symbol of Christianity cross. And only after that there is the sprinkling of the apartment with Holy water, smudging it with incense. All the steps of the ritual accompanied by prayers where the priest asks the Lord to send defenders of their home for all who live in it and protect them from all evil, send his grace.

The consecration of the apartment is not much time – from 30 minutes to 1 hour. During the ceremony it is desirable the presence of all who live in it, but if someone from the family is not a fan of faith and strongly against the consecration of apartments, you can do it secretly.

How to prepare your apartment for the rite of consecration

Before to come to the house the priest for the rite of consecration, it is advisable to put everything in order. Definitely need to remove all pagan amulets, even if they are used as decoration the interior as a memory of rest or guest.

For the priest it is necessary to prepare a table covered with a clean white cloth, where he can place the necessary for the rite items. In addition, the house should be Christian icons, and the image of the Savior is necessary.

Advice 6: How to consecrate an icon

The icon for an Orthodox person is a great relic, a window into the spiritual world. Orthodox Christians venerate is not the material from which made the image, and paint, but directly to the person depicted on the icon.
How to consecrate an icon

In the Christian tradition it is customary to call written images of the great ascetics of piety the Holy icons. In the Orthodox service is a special rite of sanctification of various icons.

Every Orthodox people want to have in your house, consecrated the Shrine is a sacred icon. Icons which can be purchased at the temples, already sanctified. Some people are want to buy the Holy images, not only in churches but in any shops. In such cases, if the icon is painted according to the Orthodox Canon, the image must be blessed.

Most of the icons are consecrated in temples. This can be done at any time when the House of God, being a priest. Usually the icon is consecrated after the morning service. On holidays and Sundays, after the Liturgy or performing requested services.

In order to sanctify the icon you want to bring the Holy image into the temple and ask the priest about sanctification. You can also pre-apply to the seller in the Church shop, izjavlja the desire to sanctify the Holy image.

Icons can also be sanctified, and before the evening service. All depends directly on the employment of a priest.

Some people can ask the priest about osumenyi icons at a time when the priest has to perform some religious rites at home. In this case, the Holy way, you can consecrate immediately before or after performing the rites.

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