You will need
  • - Lampada.
  • - Lamp oil.
  • - Church candle.
  • - Matches or lighter.
  • - Gauze or cotton fabric.
Lamp oil and a wick buy at a special Church store or in the shop at the temple. If nearby not, the wick can be done by. Cut a piece of bandage or other cotton fabric. Tightly twist it into a bundle and insert into the float lamps. Instead of a special lamp oil you can use olive oil.
Now, some believers light lamps from all that is at hand. But it used to be that the lamp cannot be lit directly from a match, and it is necessary to use a Church candle in an Orthodox home is always there. Buy candles in the same Church shop. You can light a candle and matches, and lighters. Do this and read the prayer "our father".
From the candle light up lamp. In this case there is a special prayer: "Wasige, God extinguished the lamp of my soul with the light of virtue, and enlighten me, Your creation, Creator and Benefactor, are You Bo ESI immaterial light of the world, receive this material offering: light and fire, and restore unto me the inner light of the mind and fire the heart. Amen."
Ensure that the fire lamps were not too large. Lamp, in any case, should not smoke. Will be enough to spark a little more than a match head. If you are in the house a few oil lamps, light them from the same Church candles with an appropriate prayer. In different days to light the lamps of different colors. The post dark designed the lamps, and in the occasion you need to light red.