In the Orthodox faith the water is consecrated twice. For the first time - on Christmas eve, January 18, in the temple. The second time, January 19, in the day of a holiday on the water. If the ponds were frozen, the advance in the ice porubitsya Jordan - a hole in the shape of a cross, named after the river Jordan in which Jesus was baptized.

The water in the day becomes extraordinary power, even changing its structure. It is known that if the water accumulated in the day to be stored separately in a sealed container, it will not go bad. Experiments were conducted. In the same room in the same containers were set three kinds of water. So "Holy" water has not changed any of its qualities after a year. Normal water has become totally unfit for use after 5 months and still mineral store-bought one through eight.

To the Holy water assumes a special relationship. Keeping it in the corner with icons (if available). Drink it on an empty stomach, spoon in the morning, she wash my kids sprinkle an apartment or a house. Moreover it is known that "a drop of Holiness blesses the sea". In ordinary water, add a little of the consecrated, and all the water in the tank will become a Saint.

Is strictly prohibited when taking Holy water to say swear words, cursing, to prevent vile thoughts. Often the water in such cases, simply bottled either loses its Holiness. You need to protect this gift.

In the afternoon of 19 January and you can now observe some strange, unexplained phenomena. For example, in perfect wind on water surfaces, including in the premises of a sudden is the ruffle.It can see all the people, even far from Orthodoxy.

The moment of the baptism of Christ by John the Forerunner in waters of Jordan many years ago was accompanied by amazing signs. The Jordan river flows from the mountains flows into the sea of Gennesaret, but for another 300 meters, while in the sea, it is not pereselyaetsya with its salty waters, and a powerful jet flows before flowing into the Dead sea When Jesus was baptized and he was struck with the Holy Spirit and the waters of Jordan went back. This sign has since been repeated annually. And thousands of people become witnesses of this However, there is no scientific explanation of this phenomenon.On the eve of Orthodox Christians let the river wooden crosses with candles. The water carries them into the Dead sea, on January 19 and returns back! On the same day the fresh water of the Jordan becomes salty.

The place of baptism of Jesus Christ is now located on the territory of Jordan. Local authorities only one day of the year 19 January allow riverside Church service to sanctify the water. When the worship service is always a lot of pilgrims and tourists, so there are a huge number of witnesses are watching to see how the river turns back the clock, and the branches of the trees stoop so low, they touch the water surface, as if bowing to the great miracle.