The consecration of things and housing - the case for the Orthodox is quite normal and natural. However, it should immediately be noted that this is not an acquisition of a kind of "insurance" through prayers, as many believe. This is only a request for God to bless the use of new things for the benefit of people. Here we are talking more about spiritual benefits than material. Under the sanctification of something refers to the reading of special prayers and sprinkling Holy water. This ritual every believer can do yourself. For the consecration of things there is a prayer "For the sanctification of all things". It can be found in the prayer book. His virtual version is here After reading it, you should sprinkle the Holy water thing. For the consecration of a car and an apartment, there are special brief orders of prayer. They are in the liturgical book, the Missal. Some believers sanctify their homes and the machines themselves. There is nothing sinful. For the consecration of the apartment you can pick up a bowl of Holy water, a lighted Church candle and, if so, the censer with incense. Reading the prayer, it should pass all the rooms and corners to sprinkle Holy water. However, the consecration of the house a priest is a totally different matter. To properly sanctify the apartment, you should come to any Church and invite the priest home in a convenient and. Let this be no ordinary affair, but a solemn event in the life of your family. Best of all, if the consecration of the house will be attended by all its members. For the consecration of the machine should come to her Church and contact the priest.