Before Easter, join in the preparation of the salt for subsequent purification rituals at home. In the morning on Maundy Thursday let all who live in the house, take a shower. Standing under the running water, you need to visualize how all the negativity is washed away from you and goes away by the drain pipes.
After all home is clean in body, let everyone scoop a handful of salt and put it in a clay pot. This spice store, tightly covered, in a dry place. If you feel heavy in the home atmosphere often occur quarrels, in the walls of the house are overcome with the sickness, sick people, so it's time to get salt.
In addition it will need a candle and an old Cup or the Bank. Pour into containers of salt, top to put a candle, light her wick. Place these attributes of purification where man is sick or recently had a quarrel. If any part of the apartment home feel uncomfortable, place a candle there. Let it burn down to the end. The Windows and doors of apartments at this time should be closed.
The energy of the wax will absorb negativity. Salt will neutralize it. When the candle burns down, to cool, put all the used attributes in the package. Take him out of the house definitely left hand. Will throw in the trash. Then faster go back, close the door with a key. Thus, you are shut inside the house all the good, endure the bad before all.
The second ritual is also meant to cleanse the house with salt. He will need a glass of coarse salt. Put it in a pan with a handle. Put the needles that you already use. Instead of them to put new pins. They need as much as people living in the apartment.
Put the pan on the fire. Take a large spoon or spatula with plastic handle. Stirring the contents of the pan in a clockwise direction, say in the time of troubles that you want to remove from home. The fire should be small. Do so until then, until salt begins to crack or become dark.
Open all doors, except front. Carefully take the pan, start walking around the house on the left side clockwise. Bring the pan along the walls. Stay near the corners, there is accumulated the most negative. Move the pan over tables, beds.
When you went through the house, refer back to the stove, put the pan on the fire. Stir a movement cross-wise, saying: "come — back left. We bad wished all taken back". Turn off the burner, pour the waste salt into the toilet, rinse her. The pan after the ritual wash thoroughly.