Advice 1: How to consecrate an apartment of Epiphany water

Initially God created the world pure and perfect. However, after the fall everything changed. The man himself distorted model of being. And now no one thing created by human hands, is not to say that it is good. That though as-that to correct this situation, put a piece of the spiritual in the material, Orthodox Christians try to sanctify important things for them.
How to consecrate an apartment of Epiphany water
It is important to remember that the rite of consecration of any thing not the main thing. Basic thoughts are born in the mind of man. Without clean thoughts the carrying out of this Ordinance becomes meaningless.
Especially appreciated among the Orthodox sanctification of wateraccumulated in the feast of the Epiphany. It is believed that she is able to banish evil spirits, purify from evil, to bring home a calm.
The first time the apartment needs only to sanctify the priest. Only then, if necessary, the host can perform the sacrament himself.
Before the arrival of the priest is pure clean the room, turn off loud music and TV. Free table in one of the rooms and cover it with a tablecloth. There the priest will put the attributes for the rite. If the apartment is still no icons, they definitely need to hang. Attached shrines in the "red corner", next to a window that faces East.
Explain to all the people that sacrament. If someone opposes the consecration, let him leave the premises. The others must free their heads from sinful thoughts and prayers. Ask people to refer to this procedure as something very important and valuable for themselves and others.
The priest pours into the chalice a little Holy water. Moving around the room and praying, he will sprinkle water on the corners and walls. Walk behind the priest to the whole family not necessarily. Designate a chaperone and let the rest sit quietly in one of the rooms.
If the apartment has already been consecrated priest, the host can repeat the ritual on their own. It is not only his right but also the duty, of this Holy Church. For this purpose, suitable water, consecrated in the temple. Tassel from beads, or a handful, crosswise, sprinkle the walls of the apartment. While reading the prayer "the grace of the Holy spirit" and "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost."
After the apartment was consecrated, there's no Smoking, swearing and commit other not pleasing to God acts. Otherwise, the Ordinance will have to make again and again.

Advice 2 : How to sprinkle the Holy water home

Holy water – a truly magical liquid. She has the ability to cure disease, purify from evil eyes and save people from bad thoughts. A sprinkling of Holy water in the Orthodox Church gives a special atmosphere of purity and Holiness, like wyswietlaj all around and making full of grace. Sprinkle Holy water on an apartment or office you can yourself, only this should be done according to the rules.
How to sprinkle the Holy water home
You will need
  • Holy water, a container for sprinkling
Pour the Holy water in a special container. It is best to use a new bowl, but one of the bowls or plates that you use in everyday life. It is important that the bowl was not used for animals. The day before the sprinkling of your home you must clean up and wash. Sprinkling is a kind of sacrament, so just need to be consistent with the cleanliness of the room and your soul. It is best to carry out this procedure on Sunday but any other day, of course, also suitable. Just before to start sprinkling again go through the apartment and make sure all things were in their places, and never have anything extra.
On the day of or the day before sprinkling a good idea to go to the Church service, then talk to the priest and ask his blessing on the homes sprinkling Holy water. Without such blessings the procedure, of course, can be carried out just after a conversation with a priest at heart, you will have the necessary peace and grace. And for sprinkling attitude is very important. Begin to sprinkle the room with the red corner is a Central part of the house, located diagonally across from the front door. Usually it is in the red corner is the iconostasis or icon one. Just before sprinkled it is necessary to read the prayer for the blessing of things or the "our father".
Hand scoop some water with the words "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost," sprinkle some of the red corner water cross movement. In the same way sprinkle all the corners of the room, floor and ceiling. Need to move in a clockwise direction, trying not to step on the drops of Holy water. After you are done sprinkling the room you need to say a prayer to the venerable cross, or if you don't know her, "our father." In the same way should be sprinkled every other room of the apartment, kitchen and hallway.
Toilet Holy water sprinkle. When sprinkling the bathroom, you need to spray just the corners, leaving the floor and ceiling intact.
Useful advice
In order not to contaminate the procedure with dirty shoes, you need to take off their shoes. Spend sprinkling in socks, best barefoot.
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