You will need
  • antenna;
  • - mast (prop);
  • - the antenna amplifier.
Keep in mind when installing the antenna characteristics of the area. Area guaranteed of receiving a TV signaland depends on the terrain. If possible, install the antenna on the highest point adjacent to your home. To ensure the required height of the antenna if necessary, use an additional mast, firmly strengthening its wire stretch marks.
Select the optimal design of a reception antenna. Requirements are: simplicity and reliability, sufficient spatial selectivity, the ability to transmit a broad band of frequencies, a small input impedance and high gain signal. For the zone of uncertain reception also has a particular value of the ratio of the standard signaland to the noise level.
At a slight distance from the Telecenter (a few tens of kilometers), use to improve the accept signaland the antenna type "wave channel" with a simple loop or a vibrator, consisting of three elements. Antenna of this type produces the industry, but with minimal Amateur radio skills to make it on their own.
Check the correct installation of the antenna and make the setting. To do this, find the optimal ratio of the dimensions of the elements of the antennarequired for reception signaland the selected stations. Correctly targeting the design space, aiming the antenna at the broadcast center or a repeater.
Use to enhance the signaland a special antenna, the third amplifier. The dimensions, construction and method of connecting such a device can be very different. When choosing an amplifier pay attention to these in the technical documentation of the frequency response and noise level. The configuration of the amplifier used for the specific model of television receiver, charge professional. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the device will be low.