Fabricate an antenna out of copper tape or tube. For antenna you can take any metal profile in a thin layer of the metal surface will spread high-frequency currents. Metal can be anything – you can use copper, bronze, steel, brass or aluminum part. Importantly, this part was flat and smooth. As aluminium is prone to formation of oxides, the most optimal materials for antennas are copper and brass.
Connect to the elements of the antenna coaxial cable and seal the connection points with the help of the plasticized epoxy resin to protect the connection from moisture.
After reassembly carefully degrease the surface of the antenna and paint it in several layers, to prevent corrosion of the metal. A good material for dyeing is an automotive enamel or nitroenamel.
Relate the impedance of the antenna with a characteristic impedance of the cable by means of a loop. Properly coordinated wave resistance of the cable and the antenna depends on how high-quality and uninterrupted image on the screen of your TV.
Find out what impedance has selected the cable, but don't take the cable with wave resistance of 75 Ohm.