You will need
  • - a piece of wire with a length of several meters;
  • plug;
  • - metal clip for curtains;
  • - soldering iron, solder and neutral flux;
  • Converter OIRT-CCIR;
  • - the antenna amplifier or an active antenna.
In some cases, unstable reception in the VHF range due to the low sensitivity of the receiver or radio. It should be noted that no dependence of this parameter of the device from its price does not exist. Try taking the same station in the same room multiple receivers - one that will provide the most reliable reception, is the most sensitive of them.
Indirect determination of the mediocre quality of the radio channel at the receiver is possible by the presence of the antenna socket, despite the fact that it has a telescopic antenna. If such a nest is, the manufacturer can add it in order to compensate for the low sensitivity.
External antenna is a piece of wire with a length of several meters. You should fully unwind. To one end of the wire solder or plug type that corresponds to the socket of the receiver, or the metal clip for the curtains, put on the telescopic antenna. This antenna is not required to provide lightning protection, in any case do not do it outside.
Sometimes to improve reception quality of FM helps the next fixture. Wrap directly on top of the shell of the coaxial cable going to your TV-about 20 turns of insulated wire. One of its ends connect with the receiver in the way stated above.
Pocket players, mobile phones used as antenna when receiving FM wire headphone or headset. Adjust this accessory for another with a longer wire, or splice it yourself, if you know how to do it. The quality of reception and the amount of stations will increase significantly.
Often even in the city centre, the receiver picks up very few radio stations just because it is designed for VHF-1 (65 - 74 MHz), at the time, as most stations today operates in the VHF-2 (88 - 108 MHz). The restructuring of the apparatus from one range to another - a very delicate operation, so take her only if you have the necessary experience. In the absence of such experience will help the special prefix Converter CCIR-OIRT. This device is commercially available at radio.
To improve reception in the FM-band at the receiver is possible using an antenna amplifier or an active antenna. When choosing this device, you should remember that often under the guise of such amplifiers are sold as "dummy" in the hulls which is nothing other than a resistor and led. So it's better to use only in retail stores.
Some people like to use the radio at home, connecting it to the power supply and speakers. There is a misconception that in this case it will work well without an antenna. But, adding to the radio for even a very short antenna, each can be convinced otherwise.