Advice 1: How to make an album for the anniversary of mom's

The anniversary of mom's – a great opportunity to show the dearest person your love, and also a good occasion to recall the significant moments of her life. The album, designed especially for this date, is sure to delight mom.
How to make an album for the anniversary of mom's
Will post on the first page of the best portrait photo is mother. Make it to the title, create and assign a funny idea. For example: "Fifty – two times twenty-five". Pick up and frame the photo in an unusual frame of paper flowers, hearts or lace. Will look nice if all the pictures in the anniversary album will be decorated in the same style.
Select interesting, unusual and fun photos from the family archive. They must be memorable and pleasing to the mother. Pick up quotes, wise thoughts, and just warm poems about mothers. Well if you write something yourself, but if you have no poetic gift, selected with the soul line good poets.
The first part of the album complete with pictures that reflect the life of the mother from infancy to the jubilee, or take pictures of only the most important moments: the end of school and Institute, wedding, birth of children, etc.
Spread out on the pages of the album in chronological order of photography. It to come up with non-trivial signature, match the quote. Gather into a single whole photo and text. Don't forget about the frame. Stick to the album pictures of leaves and decorative baguette, make the labels.
The next part of the album dedicate to the memories. Try to remember funny and touching stories from the lives of moms and write them down. Illustrate memories and interesting photographs.
Become a "magician" and fulfill my mother's cherished dreams. Remember or find out what she wants the most. Perhaps to visit Paris, go scuba diving or to show off in a ball gown. Pick pictures from magazines, suitable pictures and make a photo collage in which all mother's dreams come true.
Come up with a unique, written especially for mom, greetings, and place it at the end of the album. It can be both in verse and in prose. Leave after greeting a few free pages for anniversary pictures.
Empty spaces in the album (photos and texts) cover with foil or colored paper, decorate with lace, braid, beads, sequins, rhinestones or beads.
The album will look nice, if all of the pages to draw in one style. Know your limits and do not use multiple design methods.

Advice 2: How to make a family album

Our life has firmly entered the digital technology. We post the photos to their computers and rarely open these folders with memorable moments. Things were very different... Heavy albums with yellowed family photos, warm memories of childhood, as if time itself decided to look into your soul. Now to make photoalbums became not fashionable. But beautifully to make a memorable album with his own hands, which will be not just a photo album, and the whole story of your life, is not difficult.
Decorative element for decoration of the album
You will need
  • - any album of your choice, with thick leaves;
  • - colored paper;
  • - scissors;
  • glue;
  • - paint or markers, depending on your skills;
  • - any material that can be used to design the album.
Maybe the album will be childish, and maybe will bring together several generations of your family, will be devoted to some important event in your life. Maybe you want to make an original gift. Select the photos you would like to place in it. Depending on the content you need to choose the design. To post pictures on the page is optional clean lines. It is acceptable to glue them at an angle or even parts of each other. Looks especially impressive in this embodiment, a series of photos with a slight change of composition. Do not put on one page of several large portrait photos or many smaller ones. Combine portrait photo in full height or with group photos.
Paper for decoration
For baby album, suitable bright colors, fun pictures, cut from children's magazines or colored paper, a variety of finished labels. If the album begins with the birth of the child, you can attach a metric from the hospital, first baby booties. Between photo good at doing signatures, drawings, stick funny images. For these purposes, useful and bright markers, and tapes, and ribbons, and sparkly nail polishes, and dry flowers and leaves, and sequins that you can attach to the glue. Labels are easily cut out of magazines or letters. Creative nature, you may want to decorate the pages colored curly pasta, making one mini-panel. To design pages with photos of the holiday on the sea "sand" from semolina or barley, stickers of sea creatures. If the baby is older to aid in the production of the album, have them cut or just break up the pieces and mash the lumps of colored paper for decoration, then glue. He will be proud and happy to have participated in such an important and exciting!
The album in which you want to connect multiple generations requires a thoughtful approach to each page. So, for the pages devoted to older family members, would be appropriate restrained tones and colors. You can use a handmade paper with flowers and leaves. Come as old newspaper clippings.For wedding photo will look beautiful lace and white satin bows.
What would be ways to design a family album you use, stick to the principle – Central to this are the photos. Do not overload it with decorative elements and colors. Let the page are a few additions, but they accentuate your photo and make them stand and not get lost in the colorful variety of images, labels, ribbons, stickers. And then, picking up your prized moments gone, you will plunge into pleasant memories of joy, sadness, love and happiness.

Advice 3: How to make a poster for the anniversary

Anniversary celebration gathering at the same table all the relatives and friends of the birthday boy, of course, is one of the most fun and memorable family celebrations. Among the gifts, toast and wonderful good wishes for the celebrant a special place is created by the hands of relatives or children with posters or Newspapers. They are a reflection of all the love and attention of loved ones. How to make a poster for the anniversary, so it was beautiful, interesting and laughed at the hero of the occasion?
How to make a poster for the anniversary
Traditional newspaper: pictures of the birthday boy and his family are interspersed with fun and good signatures, lines from songs, wishes. This newspaper can be decorated with clippings from magazines, postcards, interesting frame of zigzags and patterns.
Depending on the Hobbies of the celebrant, or decorate the poster with items that characterize his hobby, or make a stylized newspaper. For example, the commemorative poster for the philatelist can be in the form of postage stamps, and newspaper for the fisherman can be done in the form of the river of life, where each goldfish – bright or happy event in his life. Angles of posters for a financier decorate the comic notes, but if I congratulate the grower, attach near the basket with the gifts of nature.
Poster – thanks. Will have to carefully select a photo, it is advisable to be individual pictures of the celebrant with your spouse, children, grandchildren, co-workers, maybe during joint field trips, during the construction of a house or birdhouse, planting seedlings. Near each photo, add the caption: "Thank you for what you...", the end should match the image: "all these years next to me", "taught us to love the world", "shared the secrets of tasty cakes", "brought the firm many new clients and income, etc. are Better if these words are written by hand thanking.
The poster is a calendar reflecting the year of jubilee, month after month a significant or interesting event in the life of the celebrant. For example, my wife and I met in August, and in March might have caught the biggest fish. Beautiful bright photos, including those made using the program Adobe Photoshop, congratulatory poems and jokes are welcome.
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