You will need
  • photo album;
  • - photographs;
  • glue;
  • - scissors;
  • - colored markers or pencils.
Human life consists of individual unique moments that you can remember with a smile or sadness. People tend to capture the brightest moments not only in memory, because it is, as you know, the election, and in the photo. If the idea is to make yourself a wonderful gift for a birthday, make an album, came for the first time, serious work. The first step is to pick up the album. Consider what style it will be done: humorous, solemn or romantic.
Review your photos, starting with early childhood, among them certainly there are funny pictures that make you smile or do you like the most. Do not deprive attention and is not entirely successful, perhaps they can be beat by inventing a funny story or make a collage.
When all the pictures that will decorate your album will be selected, try to place them nicely on the sheets, looking for a good location. Start to issue the album using on the first pages of our earliest photos.
Choose for each age period has its own style or artistic style. Baby pictures will be interesting to look if there are pasted or drawn pictures of flowers, toys, cartoons or cute animals. For school or adolescence will fit cars, music paraphernalia, or other loved symbols.
Remember, what emotions and feelings you experienced in the period when the photo was taken. Draw own picture or decorate photo strazikami is original and will record positive emotions.
For those who already have this album from the title page of a smiling cute baby can make the album a birthday, using photos from a year ago. It is performed by the same principle, but you can make 4 sections – the number of seasons.
Who has the desire to make the album, but there are not enough photos, can solve this problem as quickly as possible. Take a quick poll of friends and ask them to throw you pictures with their phones or cameras. Your stocks will replenish a huge number of interesting and unique images (such the existence of which you never knew existed) that were made in an informal setting.
Real connoisseurs can get a birthday to order a personal photo shoot, and prepare different costumes and experimenting with make-up. Professional portraits will decorate the album.