Pick the photos you want to register. Sort them by subject, color and any other signs. Too many photos for the album do not take one or two per page is enough.
Decide what style you are going to make an album. In scrapbooking there are a few basic styles – vintage, European, American, mixed heritage. Each of these styles has its own characteristics, each requires its own materials. Choose the style you liked most, and stocked with tools and consumables.
Make sure that you have all to create an album. You can make an album of improvised materials, and you can purchase special materials – paper, paint, stamps, decorative elements, etc. the Only thing you'll need in any case is the album itself, more precisely, to procure for him. Usually it is a few pages of cardboard, fastened with metal rings.Available materials for registration can be found everywhere – this old postcards, beads, and pretty ribbons, small gifts, a beautiful hand carved napkin, etc.
Consider the composition of future pages. Spread out on the pages of the photo album and decorative elements, not sticking them. Think how they would have looked better, try a few different options. After that, all items can be put on the glue. It is best to use a hot gun with glue sticks, but the fit and glue stick. Try not to use silicate glue and PVA glue paper from them will gather in the folds. Also the pictures can be inserted into special slots or corners, so that later they could get.Now you can show the album to family and friends and be proud that he made your hands according to your taste, not store-bought.