Advice 1: How to give cat Drontal

Like people, Pets can suffer from various diseases. One of the most common ailments are worms. Their presence is not always noticeable. They cause depletion in cats slow down the growth of young animals, spoil the quality of wool. The cats immune system is weakened, giving access to infections. To avoid this, it is recommended to conduct regular deworming. One of the most popular medicines for this is "Drontal".
How to give cat Drontal
The German company "Bayer" in their line of Anthelmintics has developed a special "Drontal" for cats. It consists of the active ingredients praziquantel and Pyrantel-embonate, effective against round and tapeworms. One tablet of "Drontal" is designed for 4 kg weight of the animal.
Weigh your cat. The easiest way would be to do as follows: take the animal in hand and stand on the scale. Note the figure, and then weigh without the cat. Subtract the second result from the first, and you will learn a lot animal. Weigh the cat so much easier than trying to hold it on the scales.
Do not give the cat the pill on an empty stomach – it is a strong irritant to the intestine. For successful deworming is absolutely not important, will be given tablets to the animal before or after a meal.
Calculate the required quantity of the drug, based on the weight of the animal. "Drontal" has an unpleasant taste, so it is not necessary to pound the pill with water. Take the cat on hand (if necessary, ask someone from home to help you), open her mouth and put the pill on the tongue of the animal. Put your her face up and stroke the throat – this will help to trigger the swallowing reflex.
Grind the pills and mix it with any delicacy. Use a special canned food for cats, as they have a strong odor and taste. If you mix the pill with the usual food you give the cat each day, the animal may simply refuse food.
Deworming should be carried out regularly. If your cats don't tend to seek out meals on the street or to explore the contents of your garbage can, two or three times a year will suffice. If you plan to knit an animal, it is necessary to carry out deworming in the ten days before that.
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Some helminth parasites in cats can be transmitted to man. It is therefore useful to conduct deworming not only the cat but also your family members.

Advice 2: How to weigh a cat

Often there are cases when you need to know the weight of your pet. At first glance, seems to weigh a cat is very simple. But in practice, this task may not be easy. Because the animal tries to run away when you put it on the scales. However, there are several ways in which you will be able to weigh a cat or kitten.

How to weigh a cat

Why would you need to know the weight of the cat

The first is to determine in what cases it is necessary to know the weight of their pet. Most often it is necessary to correctly calculate the dosage of drug or vitamin remedies. Many drugs are prescribed to cats from this calculation: a certain amount of medication per kilogram of animal body weight. For example, most of the antibiotics doctors prescribe a dose of 0.1 ml of the medicine per kilogram of cat plus 0.1 ml of the drug.

However, even if your favorite absolutely healthy, it is possible that from time to time you will need to give her funds from worms or obrabatyvat her from fleas. All such means are dosed according to weight.

In addition, you may need to know the weight of the cat, if you want to go with her to travel by plane. Some airlines allow passengers to transport animals in the cabin only up to a certain weight.

If the latter is greater than the set limit, or need to pay a trip to the cat as Luggage, or even abandon this method of movement and to plan a trip in a different mode of transport. To avoid unpleasant surprises at the time you register for a flight, it is advisable to pre-weigh the cat at home.

It is sometimes useful to know the weight of the cat to determine how it develops and whether the animal is to the standard of the breed. For example, there are large breed cats (Savannah, British fold), and there are more miniature (Abyssinian cats). And if the first weight 5 pounds of weight may be insufficient, for the second it could signal the presence of obesity.

In addition, it is desirable to periodically weigh your pet to determine the daily rate of feed.

How much should a cat weigh

The average weight of females in the norm is 3-5 pounds. However, this rate is very relative. Therefore it is better normal weight cat to determine on the basis of its features, not only of weighing results.

If the animal loses weight more than 600 grams, it can be a sign of disease.

How to weigh a cat

To determine the exact weight of the cat, it should weigh on an empty stomach, after emptying bladder and bowel movements.

With the help of kitchen scales (preferably not flat, but with the bowl) you can determine the weight of a small kitten. Catch the right moment when he just woke up, ate, or plenty of RAM, otherwise you will be difficult to keep him in one place. The disadvantage of this method of weighing is only one: it is not applicable for adult cats.

To determine the weight of cats can be thus: put it into cloth bag with handles, cloth bag or in a bag and quickly weigh on the steelyard. The key word here is "quickly". Not all cats are loyal to the procedure of putting them in a bag or package. Animal heart-rending meow, to resist the procedure and, in the end, jump and run. In addition, fast shocks are able to make some error in your measurements. This method of weighing is not suitable for very heavy and hyperactive animals.

It is best to weigh a cat with scales. First determine their weight and then stand on the scale with the cat. To know its weight, you just need to determine the difference between these two indicators. It is advisable to use an electronic scale, because they have the smallest error.

If you visit the vet at the appointment ask the doctor to weigh your cat on a special scale. In veterinary institutions commonly used measuring instruments, same scales for weighing newborns.
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