It is not necessary to despair, people with one lung is quite able to lead a full life, and in compliance with all medical recommendations on the life expectancy of this operation and does not affect. Of course, as a professional sportsman, especially in athletics, you have to be, but the health you save, climb the stairs or run a hundred yards.
Having only one good lung, you definitely have to fully give up Smoking. Since this body and so I have to do double the work, do not give him more stress.
If before the operation you had extra weight, after removal of light from him the urgent need to begin to get rid of. Overweight requires more oxygen, and one lung is able to give his body less than two. Therefore, oxygen, which body fat, will not receive the brain, internal organs, tissues and nerves that can adversely affect General health.
Start breathing evenly and deeply. In normal shallow breathing a person uses only one-third of the useful volume of his lungs, while the lower lobes remain untapped. People with only one lung, you will need the entire useful volume of the remaining body, and this is possible only during correct deep breathing.
Keep an active lifestyle, if possible take a course of special physiotherapy. The fact that the intensive physical exercises lungs straightened, their volume increases, which increases air circulation. Using special exercises, you will be able to expand the rest of the body, provide more oxygen in the body.