Indications for surgery

Examinations of the skull is necessary for access to be hollow – all the membranes of the brain. Some indications for surgery: brain tumors, severe brain trauma, abscesses, hematomas, aneurysms, treatment of neurological disorders (severe epilepsy). The purpose of the activity may be both emergency and planned.

Several types of trepanation

This operation is carried out for various reasons, therefore, resolve each problem has its own characteristics. The type of surgery selected by the surgeon. There are types of craniotomy, such as:

- decompression (wide);
- bone-plastic (all the bones set in place);
- resection (removal of part of the skull bones).


Can be used both General and local anesthesia. The choice of doing the surgeon, the anesthetist and the patient (if conscious). The use of local anesthesia only anesthesia, and the patient remains conscious.

The recovery period

Craniotomy is a very serious surgery, so it involves quite a long recovery.

The recovery period is determined by the severity of the disease and the outcome of the operation. Usually, the patient after surgery in the absence of a deterioration of about 2 days in the intensive care unit under the watchful supervision of medical personnel, then transferred to ordinary ward. There is ongoing recovery. Bed rest is recommended for the first time. An important factor in the positive dynamics is communication with loved ones, their support and positive attitude. Extract comes in ten days. Unfortunately, in some cases, takes months.

Life goes on

Of course, life does not immediately become the same. After discharge obligatory outpatient supervision of a physician. In order to avoid undesirable consequences it is necessary to observe all recommendations of doctors. Standard recommendations: to avoid stress, to continue to take some medications from previously assigned (steroids, anticonvulsants, antibiotics), to limit physical activity. Sometimes postoperative scars become a cosmetic flaw that could disturb the positive mood of the patient. We need to help him not to focus on the exterior and think only about health to full recovery.