You will need
  • The PC program Excel 2003, the ability to work with spreadsheets
Download to spreadsheet Excel 2003 (this is by far the most popular version). Create a table and perform calculations in it, filling it. You can simply open a ready-made Excel file that contains the finished table. Files created with this program have the extension .xls.
Once the file is open, proceed to create a password, to do this follow these steps: • go to the menu at the top of the window, point to "tools" and click on it with the left mouse button;
• in the opened sub-menu, locate and click the line Settings, which will open a window;
• at the top of the window, find the "Security" tab and click it with the left mouse button;
• in the options section of the file encryption of this book, select a password, and by clicking on the button advanced, select the encryption type, it is recommended to leave the one that is the default;
• click "Ok" at the bottom, and then confirm your password in the small window that appears.
The next time you open a file on the screen will appear a window with proposal to enter the password. If the set of characters entered will not be the same that was entered when setting the password, the file will not open.
Similarly, you can protect the spreadsheet from changes. In this case, the password set under "sharing Settings for this workbook". In this case, one who does not know the password can view the contents of the file, but will not be able to change it. Here you can recommend a file read-only to enter an electronic signature.
When setting the password, be very careful when accidentally pressed Caps Lock or switch keyboard layouts and languages can enter the passwordthat is different from the plan.