You will need
  • - your phone.
Turn off your mobile Nokia device, remove the battery from the battery compartment and verify the information on the service labels that are close to the SIM card of your phone. Find information about the producing country.
Turn on the phone and in standby mode, enter the combination to obtain the imei-numbers. This is a special identifier, consisting of fifteen numeric digits. It is original for each mobile device and it has some information about the manufacturer.
Look at the seventh and eighth number, if its value is 02, it means production of the country Emirates. This phone may well be bad quality. The numbers 08 and 80 mean that the producer is a factory in Germany, the phone can be very good quality. If these numbers, the value is 01 or 10, then the manufacturer is Finland. The best option of all is the value 00. This means that the phone is manufactured in original factory of the company Nokia. Phones produced in Azerbaijan, in contrast, can be very poor quality and will have value for the 7 and 8 numbers 13.
When buying a phone , always check its ID if you want to buy the machine, designed for long service life. Do not buy mobile device production in Azerbaijan and the Emirates, as they very often return for marriage. Often they fail even before the expiry of the warranty period, what suggests a poor quality device.
Give preference to Finnish and German assemblies, and best of all, the original factory, if you find any, they are rare, however, as Finnish. Also verify that the information in the Cola and the special label when buying a phone.