Incompetent adjustment of the base system of input-output may cause the computer inoperable or destroy its separate components. There are several ways to get back the factory settings in the BIOS. You can do this in the program itself, without disassembling the system unit. Restart the computer and when you turn press the DEL key to enter the main BIOS menu. In the right menu you will see the options panel output. You need to select Load Bios Defaults, or press F5. Answer Yes to the question about the reset, you will return the BIOS to the original settings.
It is not always possible to reset the BIOS settings to the original using the program. Sometimes you have to resort to other ways. One of them is reset the BIOS using the battery. First we need to completely de-energize the system unit. Make sure all cords are disconnected, it will save you from potential damage in case of careless actions. Remove the housing cover. Inside the system unit you will see the motherboard, locate the battery. It has a round shape and quite large. Carefully, holding to fell, remove it from the slot by pressing on the latch. After about 15-20 seconds, insert the battery into place until it clicks. Settings are reset to the default values.
If none of the methods does not suit you, you can reset using the CMOS jumper, which is also located on the motherboard. This jumper is often called "jumper". It is located near the battery on the motherboard usually labeled as Clear CMOS (CCMOS or). It consists of three contacts, two of which are closed. Gently pull it and move for a few seconds on adjacent pins, then move it back.
The most drastic way to reset the settings to the factory - de-energize the system unit. Disconnect power for a few days (3-4 days will be enough) until the battery of the motherboard. Thus, the motherboard will be without food, and the settings will be reset.