To select multiple lines in the text with the mouse, set the cursor at the beginning of the fragment. Press and hold the left mouse button, moving the cursor over the area you want to select. At the end of the slice, release the mouse button. The selected text will remain highlighted.
To select multiple rows using keyboard, place the cursor at the beginning of the fragment with the arrow keys. Press and hold the Shift key while pressing the right arrow key. Each press of the arrow distinguishes one sign of the text to the right of the cursor. To highlight whole words, simultaneously with the Shift key hold down the Ctrl key.
Sometimes there are cases when a piece of text, or list is too large. Then you can abandon the line-by-line allocation, noting only the beginning and the end of the fragment. Set the mouse cursor to the beginning of the allocated list or paragraph, press Shift and hold, click once with the left mouse button at the end of the allocated fragment. All text between the specified positions will be allocated.
In cases when you want to highlight rows, not related among themselves, are also used mouse and keyboard. Hold down the left mouse button to highlight the first line, then release the button. Click on the keyboard Ctrl and while holding it, select the following line in the desired location using the left mouse button. Repeat the operation many times.
In text editors the mouse cursor can change its appearance at the left edge of the page in the margin area. When the cursor changes to the arrows, a single press of the left mouse button selects an entire row, in front of which the cursor is located. Driving up or down the left margin, the mouse cursor while holding left button, you can select the desired number of rows.