Work with tables in Microsoft Office Word begins with a tab Insert. Click on it and create a table using the tools from section "table". You can insert a table by specifying the desired number of columns and rows using a template or draw it yourself, using the "Draw table".
When your table is created, it becomes available in the context menu "Work with tables". Two tabs "design" and "Layout" will help you to draw borders, to place the text, set the cell size and much more. The menu is available, select your table by clicking on the icon in the intersecting arrows in the upper left corner of the table or place the cursor in any cell.
To clear multiple cells (cells) in the table, highlight them by holding down the left mouse button. If the data that you want to remove are in contiguous cells, when selecting hold down the Ctrl key. After you select all the desired cells, then press Delete, the cell will be cleared.
To remove data from one cell, move the cursor to the right of the last entered character or highlight a piece of text that you want to delete, and press Backspase or Delete. Most importantly, remember that when working with text in cell (cell), the fragment can be removed by using any of these keys, and with a dedicated cell – only the Delete key. If you press Backspace, you will clean the cells and remove them.
In Microsoft Office Excel to clear the cells on the same principle, but there is a slight difference. The sheet in Excel itself is a spreadsheet. To delete text from a cell, select the cell and press the Delete key or Backspase. To erase the signs, double-click the left mouse button in the desired cell, move cursor to the right of the last entered character and press the Backspace key.
If you erase the text in the cell on the signs, but not entirely, remember that the Delete key deletes characters to the right of the mouse cursor, and the Backspace key erases the signs, which are located on the left side of the cursor.