You will need
  • Computer with Microsoft Excel.
Hiding a row is a special Excel function that allows you to remove some data from the form. Due to this it is much easier to work with a large table without getting lost in unnecessary information. In addition, by removing some rows, you can print only those that you need, without rewriting the entire table.
After working with the table display hidden in the process line. To do so, select adjacent lines (by one), click on the designated area with the right mouse button and select in the ensuing menu "Display". Hidden information will return to its original position.
Restore hidden lines can be the other way. Scroll to similarly close the lines, click on the toolbar, the Format tab, point your mouse cursor to the item "Hide or display" and select in the appeared context menu the "Display line". Then removed from the point will appear.
If hidden - line is across the table, do not torture yourself tangled search numbers. Just highlight the whole table, click the right button and select "Display" in the menu that appears.
To find out which location is hidden from the eyes of the information, look closely at the line numbers in the table. In the place where they get off and begin to go out of order, there are hidden rows. And the dividing line between these numbers more oily compared to the rest.
Such actions are applicable and to the hidden columns. Only for display it is necessary to allocate two adjacent columns. And to know the place of hidden information by letters are not in alphabetical order.
Use this function when working with large amounts of data, constructing graphs on the basis of the table. And when you need to remove from prying eyes any information.