Balancing the propeller shaft is required to correct its imbalance, which may cause excessive vibration during engine operation. The vibrations of the cardan shaft can cause the destruction of both himself, and related parts and Assembly units. The level of vibration depends on the speed of rotation of the shaft determined by the mode of operation of the engine. Causes of imbalance are the following factors:

- violation of requirements to the manufacture of components in the propeller shaft;

- the failure of technology shaft Assembly;

- misalignment of the shaft parts relative to each other and the mating structural elements of the vehicle transmission;

- error of heat treatment of parts in the propeller shaft;

- mechanical damage of the structure.

Balancing the propeller shaft of the vehicle transmission includes 2 main stages: definition of the imbalance and its subsequent elimination.

Definition of imbalance

Unlike wheels, which can be statically balanced in the garage conditions, propeller shafts require dynamic balancing. This operation involves the use of special equipment and in most cases can be performed only in a service station.

Dynamic balancing of the propeller shaft runs on special balancing machines. The machine allows balancing to simulate the real working conditions of cardan, providing the speed of rotation at the level of 500-5000 rpm. the Rotation is created through the use of an induction motor, torque which is transmitted to the cardan shaft via belt drive.

When balancing the propeller shaft is fixed between two rotating axles, one of which is driven in rotation by an electric motor. If necessary, a balancer can have an intermediate support.

The magnitude of the deviations measured by sensors moving along the length of the propeller shaft. The measurement values are processed by special software and displayed on the monitor screen. Next, the program determines the installation location and mass of balancing weight or the amount of metal removal.


The imbalance is eliminated by selection or add more material. The service technicians automotive technicians use methods of redressing the imbalance, by drilling out the metal, the setting of balancing plates or cargo, as well as shims to correct the misalignment.