You will need
  • A new terminal for the battery, two wrenches 10 and 12 mm, knife, abrasive paper.
Get a terminal for a battery in accordance with what you have broken, or the plus, or minus. They differ in diameter. Also the terminals can have different clamping system – screw or rotary. Which one you choose, does not matter.
Before starting the repair, turn off the ignition if the car worked. Remove the key from the ignition. Remove the machine from speed and put on the handbrake.
Open the hood. Disconnect the terminals from the battery. First, always disconnect the negative terminal and then positive. This is necessary to protect all the electronic systems of the car. When "mass" will lose capacity, no closure they will not be dangerous.
To remove the terminals with a wrench on the 12 mm Unscrew side bolt, with which the part is attached to the battery. If you have not turned a wrench of the right size, use a wrench or pliers.
Cut off the broken terminal at the point of join the cables. Carefully with a knife, cut the braid. Strip the insulation from the contacts with sandpaper.
Unscrew the new terminal two clamping bolts. They are smaller and then need a wrench on the 10 mm. Slip the wire in them are so far to the stripped ends slightly protrude from the holder. Tighten the bolts with a wrench 10 so that the connection turned out neat and durable.
Connect the terminals to the battery in the reverse order. First, put the terminal on the "plus" and then to "minus". Tighten the side terminal bolts with a wrench 12.
Try to start the car. If the engine starts, the work will be considered completed.
If you doubt that you can do not mix and do this repair operation correctly, contact qualified service personnel.