Unlimited Internet has long been the norm. You pay for a certain period and do not think about the total traffic. When you use the Internet usually provides the best conditions. If you use USB modem, 3G speed is available in certain conditions, this is often a certain amount of traffic, upon exhaustion of which sharply restricted the speed. Return in torrent managers, can occur simultaneously with the injection file. You can save bandwidth if you limit the upload speed to a minimum.
Popular torrent menagery is µTorrent and BitTorrent. In both cases, the settings are changed in a similar way. This can be done in two ways: configure General settings and limiting to a specific file. Limit the upload speed for all torrents via General settings in display torrent-Manager in the tab "settings", after select "Configuration". Also to open the window, change the settings, you can use the key combination Ctrl + P. Look for the line speed. The right side of the window contains several lines, among them select "General limitation of download speed", then set the desired value of speed in KB/s, minimum 1.
Limit upload speed for a specific file is made from the main window. Open the list of torrents, select the file, click right mouse button. Revealed context menu, find the tab "speed Priority". Will open another list, select "Limit recoil". Next, a menu will appear, it by default is marked "Unlimited". Select the desired value. First, the parameter minimum speed is 25 KB/s. If you want to set a lower speed, first put the figure, then repeat in the settings menu speed will affect smaller values. Minimum speed is 1 KB/s.