You will need
  • - Hemlock;
  • - rubbing alcohol or vodka.
Half a litre of 96% medical alcohol dilute with water in proportion 1:1. In its absence, use vodka. Pour it into a two-liter jar.
To prepare the tincture: use fresh plant, as after drying it partially loses its beneficial properties. Collect Hemlock in the early to mid-June, it was at this time young inflorescence is rich in essential oils. Cut the leaves and flowers of young plants. It is desirable that the gathering place was away from the road.
The less time passes between harvest of Hemlock and the preparation of tinctures, the better. If you don't finish in an hour, cut the plant will partially lose their useful properties and in the treatment process will not have the desired effect. It is therefore better to take a jar of diluted alcohol/vodka to start cooking the tincture directly into the gathering place of grass.
Slice the leaves and flowers of Hemlock on a small part (no more than 3-5 cm). Put the crushed herb in a jar with alcohol/vodka. Ideally, it should be filled to the brim. If the liquid is too little, on his arrival home, top up with vodka or diluted alcohol. Close the jar lid.
Get a jar with alcohol and Hemlock in a cool dark place for 2.5-3 weeks. Daily shake. After allotted time, strain the finished tincture and put it in the fridge. Ideally, you should get yellow, with a greenish tinge, the liquid.