Advice 1: How to cook antlers

Antler velvet is the young antler of the noble and Sika deer (deer and elk). From them prepare a drug Pantocrinum, which helps to cope with many diseases, rejuvenate the body, to raise the General immunity and vitality. Also Pantocrinum included in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations. The preparation of this miraculous funds - very complex activity and is carried out in specialized conditions. You can only get water or alcoholic extract from antlers.
How to cook antlers
You will need
  • - antlers;
  • - capacity;
  • - oven;
  • - water extractor;
  • - alcoholate;
  • - powder or tablets.
For the preparation of alcoholic or aqueous extract should be cut off antlers in late may-early June, when they're soft, but not too grown. The most popular procedure when a cutoff of antlers baths are of the first water extract. To make this curative bath in deer farm attracts people from all over Russia and are ready to pay any money for the opportunity to swim in the first antler water. According to popular belief, this procedure prolongs the youth for several years, eliminates infertility, impotence, skin diseases.
To prepare antler medicinal baths, they dipped into a VAT of hot or cold water and cook in the usual way within 30-40 minutes. This should be done in the first, second, third and fourth day after cutting. The water is then cooled, get raw and hang to dry. The dried raw material is again immersed in water and boiled. This is done three or four times. The decoction obtained water extract which is used for bathing and for use inside. But this is only hood and it is not Pantocrinum.
For the preparation of Pantocrinum antler is dried in a special oven cabinets, crushed, pour alcohol and insist. The resulting infusion is filtered and bottled in bottles. The famous Pantocrinum it turns out. So it was made 200 years ago, the same technology is used today.
From the dried crushed antlers pantocrine is prepared in the form of tablets. The powder is used in various diseases.
The powder of the antlers, water extract and alcohol tincture contain biologically active substances, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, hormones, amino acids. Such a rich composition helps to cure impotence, colds, viral infections, rejuvenates, prolongs child-bearing age. And also helps to restore the vitality of the body, to increase the pressure in hypotension, stimulate cardiovascular activity, excrete toxins, stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. Scientists investigating the properties pantokrina, came to the unanimous opinion that he is able to treat almost all existing disease.
But for receiving pantokrina there are contraindications. It is not recommended for persons with hypertension, atherosclerosis, severe cardiac disease, angina, arrhythmia, thrombosis, nephritis, cancer, pregnancy and lactation.

Advice 2: What is the antlers of the Altai maral

Usage history deer antlers numbers about two thousand years. Today on their basis are produced in many drugs, both in pill form and in powder form, as well as numerous dietary Supplements. All of the products are in great demand.
Altai maral.

Deer antlers and their value

Antlers called antlers of deer during their annual growth, coinciding with the season of rut. During this period they acquire a tubular structure, filled with blood and covered with a thin velvety skin with short soft hair.

Horns of young deer for centuries used in folk medicine by the people of Asian countries. In the XII century in China began breeding Siberian stags as Pets.

In the Altai at the end of the NINETEENTH century there is a separate sector of the economy, called the antler maral breeding.

The value of the deer antlers due to huge number of useful substances that they contain. From a scientific point of view, it is difficult to explain. But remember that deer live in the unique environmental conditions of the Altai, and during the rut the deer's organism produces up to 25 kg of bone tissue. This requires the exertion of all systems of the body, which causes the high concentration of biologically active substances. In addition, the food base of this species of deer include the most valuable medicinal plants such as Golden root.

Do not forget that the antler a deer, and man is warm-blooded organisms, and it contributes to better assimilation of human drugs produced by animal basis.

To date, the antlers are widely used to save power, youth and health. In their content of medicinal properties, they are comparable to ginseng and are at the top of the applied drugs.

How to make antlers

Previously practiced barbaric methods of cutting antlers from a still alive deer. It was used mainly by poachers. This is explained by the fact that the horns of the wild deer contain more nutrients than deer raised in captivity. This was due to the inability to recreate the cultivated herds of conditions close to natural.

However, over time it became possible. For breeding were allocated large areas of land by fencing highly productive pastures with a variety of pasture.

Harvesting of antlers is produced in numerous ways. Among them prevail three, especially retains all the nutrients of raw materials.

The first way is traditional. It is air drying with intermediate scalding to prevent microbial and parasitic contamination. It is most common. They produce raw materials for the manufacture of the drug "Preprost".

Also widely used freeze-drying at low temperatures and drying in vacuum.

Advice 3: What medicine is prepared from the horns of the reindeer

Stocky, with a thick neck and a spreading branchy horns, unprepossessing at first glance, the reindeer are striking grace and speed while running. Reindeer have been domesticated by humans many centuries ago, and about the healing properties of their horns was known more than 2000 years ago.
What medicine is prepared from the horns of the reindeer
The ancient inhabitants of the Northern regions used the horns of a deer as a tonic and tonic. Powder horns were used to treat festering wounds and diaper rash, bleeding and inflammation, frostbite, and burns. Yakut shamans used it to enhance the male power, the treatment of diseases of internal organs, attributed to this wonderful tool magical properties. In Tibet and China, until now, this drug treat nervous and physical exhaustion, rheumatism and arthritis, restore the kidneys and reproductive system.

In folk medicine, the powder of the antlers of young reindeer, the so-called antlers, mixed with juice of plants, animal fats, wines, in addition, antlers are used in pure form, is used not only to treat some diseases, but also as a tonic and rejuvenator.

Antlers of a reindeer in traditional medicine

To apply antlers of a reindeer in traditional medicine began in the Soviet Union, in the middle of the last century. For high-ranking state officials were preparing tinctures, ointments and cosmetics on the basis of antlers, releasing them in small quantities, and for ordinary people these miracle drugs were available.

Modern pharmacology offers consumers the antlers in the form of plates, tinctures, powders and medicines in the form of a concentrate, extracts and various food supplements and balms.

What medicines are made from the horns of the deer

The most famous formulations based on substances from the reindeer antlers is "Pantocrine" and "Tsygapan".

"Pantocrine" is produced in the form of tablets, liquid extract for oral administration and in solution for injection. The drug is used to treat nervous disorders, as a stimulant for the Central nervous system, with decreasing activity of the gastrointestinal tract, to reduce and normalize blood pressure, to improve the tone of muscles, including sexual organs, and to improve efficiency.

The drug "Tsygapan" excellent improves the immune system of the human body, it is recommended to use to activate the growth and psychomotor development of children, it increases the overall tone of a person at any age gets the mental activity of older people, strengthens bones, reduces blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood, stabilizes the internal organs, reduces the risk of developing cancer and increases sexual activity.

Contraindications and application of drugs based on antlers

All products based on reindeer antlers have contraindications, and use them without consulting a doctor is impossible.

It is impossible to apply such medicines to those people who have a malignancy of any kind, bouts of angina. They are contraindicated for diarrhea, atherosclerosis, and severe forms of nephritis and hypertension.

During the reception, there may be such side effects as sudden jumps in blood pressure, have allergic reactions or headaches. In such cases, the receiving means immediately cease and speak to your doctor.
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