You will need
  • - passport;
  • -documents confirming the purchase of the machine: depending on the situation, the invoice from the showroom, the agreement of purchase and sale, receipt of the seller about receipt of money or otherwise;
  • - statement of claim;
  • - money to pay the registration fee.
Rate evidence which can provide the court proof of purchase of your car. Best of all, if you have any documents: contract of sale, invoice from the dealership the receipt of the seller about receipt of money for the car. If the documents have not survived or was not, try to find witnesses who could verify the fact of the transaction. But note that the court has more faith documents.
Make a statement of claim. Specify when and under what circumstances you acquired the caras had framed the deal and what you can confirm the stated facts. Don't forget to include in the claim a request for you to recognize the right ownership of the car. You can do this with a lawyer (friend or lawyer, specialist legal advice, paying for his services), or, if you believe in yourself, prepare the document yourself.
Pay legal costs. Its size and payment details you can check in the office of your district court.
Take the statement of claim, attached to it all documents and receipt of payment of registration fee during my office hours in the office of the court in civil cases.
Appointed days report to the court before making a decision on your case. If it does not satisfy you, you may appeal it in higher courts up to the Supreme court of the Russian Federation.