You will need
  • - bike with gears.
Clean any dirt from the switch, the tensioners and the chain. The last lubricate. Please note that the screws on the back of the switches, depending on model, to be different. Limiting screws are most often found on the side, not the rear.
Install the chain on the smallest sprocket at the rear and the front. On the switch, locate the adjustment screw and the L screw H. Loosen the cable of the rear derailleur. This clockwise turn to lock the reel tension adjustment. The same actions produce the drum on the lever.
Remove the cable. With internal hexagon, loosen the fixing screw of the cable and remove it from the bracket. You can not remove it from the switch, but check the condition it's in. Unwound or frayed cable replace, and dirty – clean and lubricate. Put in order, it will ensure precise shifting.
Install large gear. To do this, stand behind the bike and align the smallest sprocket and the rollers of the tensioner, by turning the screw N. Make sure that the rollers are on the same line with an asterisk.
If the tensioners will remain shifted to the right, the chain will go to the large gears to work. In this case, turn screw H clockwise. If the rollers will be shifted to the left, the circuit will not be able to move freely to the smaller sprocket. Here it is necessary to twist all the same the screw counterclockwise. When properly adjusted the large gear chain on the smallest sprocket will work silently and without hopping capability to the side.
Install the cable. Tuck it under the screw mounts. With one hand, pull it strongly and the other at this point, tighten the fastening screw. If you have a groove for the cable, make sure the cable got caught in it and not lay down. Tighten the screw, be careful not to cross thread the lens.
Install small gear. To do this, remove the screw L almost to the end, so that it does not restrict the movement of the switch. Start rotating the pedal and simultaneously move the lever into first gear. Do this carefully as the adjustment of the chain falling into the spokes, slipped to the left most sprocket.
Adjust the small gear. Standing behind the bike, turn the L screw and align the large sprocket and tensioners while they will not appear on the same line. Typically, the screw must be tightened prior to its tight rotation.
Adjust the chain tensioner. Putting it on the smallest front and largest rear sprocket, roll the pedal back. If the upper tensioner pulley for the sprocket teeth, turn the screw after removal of the roller from the teeth of 5 mm. Then put the chain on the smallest sprocket and check the chain tension there.