Advice 1: How to adjust bike speed

Often, walking and mountain bike occurs a problem switching gears. Sometimes you have to regulate it vulnerable even after the purchase of the bike. You are very lucky if your bike is properly adjusted speed. If not, you can do it on their own.
How to adjust bike speed
You will need
  • Wrench, "family" key.
Here are some specific steps you can do to adjust derailleur on the bike by yourself:First install the shifter in the first speed. Flip the bike, ie put it on the steering wheel and the seat. Next, clean the lever from contamination (grass, dust).
Using screw "Lo" or "-" adjust the position the bracket so that it was close to the plane of the gear of the 1st speed. To achieve this effect, just slowly tighten it from the top and check the position. If there is a shift of 1 mm, then it is acceptable. Although it will be harder to switch speed.
Here's what you need to do next: pull is not much the cable actuator switching speed. Make it SAG. And at the same time be sure to set the first speed. Then switch the speed to the highest, and make sure to have it on the lowest (smallest) sprocket.
Install the chain on the top (biggest) star in the front pedal. Adjust the position of the screw with the words "Hi" or "+". Do this to ensure the position of the two stars in a single plane.
By doing this all, check out how switching speed. If still unsatisfactory, it means that you have incorrectly adjusted the screw high transmission. If you switch to the 1st speed and the chain flies from the carriage due to the screw first gear. Try to fix it again.
And best of all, of course, take your bike to a specialist shop. Now this adjustment is worth a penny, but will save you a lot of time, effort and nerves. Besides, if you have a warranty card after purchasing the bike in a specialty store, please feel free to go there!
At the end position of the sprockets in the same plane.
Useful advice
After repair, lubricate all the gears and slide grease. Keep all the details were clear.

Advice 2: Adjustment of switching speeds on the bike: features

The mechanism of the switching speed on a bike is an important element of modern mining and sports models of this vehicle. The system of such mechanisms is very diverse, however, the principle of adjustment is almost the same. However, some certain features they have.
Adjustment of switching speeds on the bike: features

Basic rules

For more radical adjustments need to slightly Unscrew the two adjusting screws that are marked with the symbols Lo and Hi, and the nut fastening the cable shifters. If there is a nut, tightening the cable, screwed it back in. Then to adjust the switching of the Cycling speed required to take the screw Lo (+) and debug by twisting or weakening the position of the shifters. This lever will provide the presence of the rollers first gear and bottom big gear in the same plane. The adjusting screw you need to twist gently and at high speeds, watching the state of the switch on the small and big stars.

The next step is to slightly tension the cable actuator switch – must be set first gear – then this position is securely locked with a screw. Then the switch is set to the maximum speed, and a chain on the foot block is placed on the big star and adjust its position by a screw Hi (+). Finally, we need to monitor to be sure the gears were in the same plane. Bicyclists should remember that the last two transmission cannot be used together.

Additional rules

First adjustment should always be cleaned of dust, dirt and debris, and lubricants. To properly put a bike chain, should see that on the front mechanism, it was hanging on the biggest star, and rear – the smallest. To check the mechanism adjustments you need to switch the speed lever down one notch so that the chain was on the next star. If not, you must adjust the cable tension and check the parallelism of the stars, as well as frame switch. When the shift switch 1-2 mm nothing bad will happen, but the speed will be switched with difficulty.

The most popular mistakes of beginners include been carried out incorrectly setting screw high gear, with the result that the switch is bad from first gear up or down. Also common bad screw fixing chain that is accompanied by the dropping from the carriage and actuation of the first transmission. Experienced cyclists recommend that after each successful Cycling trip to lubricate his gears and the carriage with grease to protect them from premature wear and better contact of the rubbing surfaces.
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